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BACKSQUAT use high bar position just below knot on back of neck and above shoulder
blades, feet at shoulder width apart and feet pointing out at 30 degrees, trying to keep
trunk as upright as possible sit down until hip joint is even or just below knee
(look at thigh crease at top of leg when it is even w bent knee)
FRONT-SQUAT- use power clean rack position elbows pointing straight ahead fingertips
on bar bar resting on shoulders near collar bone, feet shoulder width apart with feet at
slight angle pointing out, go as deep as possible below parallel
OVERHEAD SQUAT- use snatch position w bar approx 6 inches above and slightly
behind head arms locked and shoulders up and tight feet at shoulder width w feet pointed
out slightly go as deep as possible (below parallel)
BOX STEP UP using backsquat bar position step up onto box do not raise other knee up
in driving fashion.
BOX STEP UP W EXPLOSION no weight step onto box with one leg and jump landing
on box with both feet step off and repeat do not drive knee up
JUMP SQUAT- always use lighter weight to avoid damaging bars using backsquat
position do a regular backsquat exploding out of bottom and jumping off floor, bend
knees on landing reset feet every rep
PAUSE SQUAT- using back squat form and lighter weight go to bottom position and
freeze all movement, hold position for a one count and then explode out of bottom
ONE LEGGED SQUAT- with bar in backsquat position and one foot behind you resting
on bench or ground for stability squat down as deep as possible
PISTOL- while holding kb or plate to chest or overhead with one leg straight out in front
squat down as deep as you can go (butt-to ankle)
LUNGE- step forward with just a slightly longer stride than normal walking squat down
try to keep knee from going to far in front of toe and stand straight up. Maintain good
SIDE LUNGE- step sideways while keeping feet pointing forward squat down on lead
leg keeping good posture.
KB COSSACK- w kb held to chest and feet as wide as is comfortable to be in full squat,
squat as deep as possible, while keeping depth go from side to side without turning upper
KB DEADLIFT (W ROW) feet wider than normal squat and keeping back straight and
upright squat down and pick up kb keep as close to body as possible do not bend at waist.
Once standing use arms to pull weight to chin
KB ONE LEGGED DEADLIFT(OFFHAND)- holding kb in rt hand like a suitcase lift rt
leg off ground like a flamingo, squat down on left leg as far as possible then stand (keep
posture) (offhand have kb in left hand while rt leg is off ground)
(training for squats)
1-GOATSACK SWING- holding weight w both hands pressed into abdomen at waist
line. keep legs straight and bend at waist, should see posterior going backwards
2-POTATOE SACK SQUAT-holding weight with fingers interwoven under the weight
and arms straight down. squat to touch hands to ground keeping good back position and
feet shoulder width apart.
3-goblet squat- squeezing weight between palms under chin squat down keep back in
good position elbows will help keep knees out in proper position "can hold at bottom of
squat and do curls with weight"
LUNGE CIRCUIT-see circuits
STIFF LEGGED DEADLIFT standing w bar on thighs keep legs straight but not locked
and back arched bend only at hip (pushing butt back) as low as possible without rolling
shoulders or back usually around knee and stand up
EXCERSIZE BALL (EB) HAMSTRING RAISES lay on back with feet on EB raise butt
off floor and roll ball w feet towards you and then roll away while keeping back and hips
KETTELBELL(KB) SWINGS with one or 2 hands holding horns keep back straight
swing bell between legs and forward towards wall about head height use momentum of
bell to keep swinging and use hips to explode at the top
PARTNER HAMSTRING- while kneeling have partner hold your feet lean forward
keeping back and waist straight go to floor pull yourself back up while keeping posture
POWER CLEAN feet shoulder width apart w arms grasping bar slightly wider than
shoulder width w elbows pointing out to sides position bar over balls of feet shoulders
slightly ahead of the bar and back flat, head looking straight ahead and arms straight
Begin pull by extending knees move hips and raise shoulder, keep bar close to body heels
on floor, elbows fully extended as bar gets above knee explode w knee hips and ankle in
jumping motion keep shoulder over bar as long as possible and pull w arms keeping
elbow above wrist,
rotate elbows around and under the bar pointing elbows forward
catch the bar in rack position across shoulder bending knees and hips to get under the bar
SNATCH assume same body position as clean w arms farther apart on bar you want them
wide enough that when overhead bar is 6-8 inches above head. First pull same as
powerclean during 2nd pull when you explode up pull your body under the bar as you
rotate and extend elbows under the bar lock elbows and stand
TRAP CLEAN holding bar w powerclean grip and position starting after already
standing to having bar above thigh, keeping arms straight shrug weight a couple of time
to build momentum then explode like w powerclean and catch bar in front squat position
as deep as you can
HIGH PULL FROM FLOOR- feet shoulder width apart toes pointing straight ahead use
grip for power clean pull bar from floor as fast as possible getting bar at least above knee
HIGH PULL FROM THIGH- feet shoulder width apart toes pointing straight ahead use
grip for powerclean start from standing position w bar on thighs. Drop bar to just above
knees bending hips and knees not back jump up trying to pull body under bar keeping
elbows above wrists aiming to get bar to chest or just below
KB CLEAN start with one arm swing keep kb closer to body on way up flip bell and
catch in rack position bend knees on catch
KB SNATCH start w KB swing increase hip explosion to get kb overhead weight should
land directly over body with arm extended
KB ODDBALL CLEAN/SNATCH- w 2 kb of different sizes do as listed a 2 arm clean or
2 arm snatch or one hand clean and the other hand snatches, make sure to switch weight
between sets
KB TURKISH GET UP lying on back w 1 kb on chest press kb up sit up keeping arm
locked free arm on ground bracing should be under kb swing kb side leg around to hurdle
stretch and then up onto knee will end up in lunge position stand up go back down in
reverse order
DB/ BBTHRUSTERS w bar or db in front press position squat down to full squat and
explode up using thrust of legs to propel bar overhead do not lock out at top keep in
continuous movement
KB CIRCUITS - see circuits
BURPEE- start in standing position w feet together bend at hips and knees put hands on
ground kick feet back to pushup position do a push up jump feet back towards hands and
stand up
MB EXPLOSIVE STARTS- start w feet in football position and hands on top of mb
resting on ground in front of you throw ball straight ahead as hard as possible while
taking first couple of steps in same direction
BENCH(W CHAIN) while laying on bench w feet planted on floor beneath or slightly
behind knees, back arched, arms grabbing bar just wider than shoulder width apart,
lower bar to chest under control then explode bar off chest and lock out arms
INCLINE BENCH same as bench on incline bar
CLOSE GRIP INCLINE BENCH-same as above but grasp bar where thumbs could touch
if extended
DB BENCH(ONE ARM) while laying on bench in bench press position press db where
ball of db goes from armpit to touching together directly above chest.
PUNCH PRESS- with feet in squat position bar on chest bend knees and explode up
pushing bar over head, no need to lock out weight at top
JERK- with feet in squat position and bar on chest bend knees slightly and explode up
then drop hips under weight until arms are locked out then stand up
PUSH PRESS- with feet in squat position and bar on back bend knees slightly and
explode bar off back and press bar overhead
SNATCH JERK- with feet in squat position and bar on back and hands wider in snatch
position bend knees slightly and explode weight off shoulders then drop hips down until
arms lock out then stand back up
SPLIT JERK- same as jerk except feet end up in lunge position w one foot in front of the
other and shoulder width apart
SOTT PRESS – in overhead squat position squat down as low as possible and press
weight over head while maintaining low position
KB-DB SHOULDER PRESS(1 ARM) while standing feet shoulder width apart and kb
in rack position palm facing out press directly over head follow weight w your eyes being
down under control and bend knees when bringing back to start position
NEEDER PRESS- standing w plate or dumbbell against chest push weight straight ahead
pull back to chest SIDE NEEDER PRESS- standing with DB against chest push weight
to side w palm facing forward pull back towards shoulder
MEDICINE BALL(MB) PUSH UP w hands on mb and in push up position let hands fall
to either side of ball and touch chest to ball push up and land w arms straight on top of
MB LATERAL OVER PUSHUP one hand on mb other on ground do a push up and push
body up and over ball landing w hand that was on ball on ground and hand on ground on
COUGAR PUSHUP- start in pushup go down touch chest to floor explode up and clap
hands together before landing in start position
OVER LINE PUSHUP- start in pushup position do a pushup and push body up and
sideways over line on ground land in pushup position and do it again back over line feet
will stay in same spot
MB WALL BALL standing w mb on chest full squat and throw ball at point on wall 8-10
feet up catch ball and repeat
MB CHEST PASS while standing w mb on chest throw using both arms to partner,
when catching start w hands on chest and punch out to catch ball away from body
MB PASS ANYWHERE while standing facing partner using both hands throw ball at
partner or to side or above partner, partner must catch ball w both hands in position ball is
thrown to (i.e. overhead, at angle to side) once caught do not let body rotate where ball is
behind you then from same position throw ball back and knock your partner down
PULLUP(TOWEL) w palms facing away from you grip bar shoulder width or wider
and pull yourself up till chin touches bar, if unable to and no spotter jump to chin on bar
and let yourself down slowly on 8 count
CHINUP- same as pull up w palms facing you
SHRUG CIRCUIT- see circuits
INVERTED BENCH- place bar in rack where it is just out of reach if you are lying on
your back on floor. grab bar just wider than shoulder width w heels on ground and body
straight pull yourself up till chest touches bar
KB RENEGADE ROW holding a kb in each hand bells on floor body in pushup
position row kb to ribs while maintaining balance and good pushup position
BENT OVER ROW- w feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent bend at waist to
get upper body as horizontal as possible keep back straight, grab bar slightly wider than
shoulder width and pull up to touch chest
DB ROW w l knee and hand on bench and rt foot on ground grasp db in rt hand hanging
down in front of your face keeping rt elbow as close to body as possible pull weight up
to your side hand should be between belly button and chest
PLATE RAISES- while standing w a plate held like steering wheel and arms extended in
front of you raise plate over your head, imagine you are trying to throw weight over high
bar over your head
Db arm curls
Bb arm curls- you know what they are
DB TRICEP EXTENSION- in bent over row position w weight in hand and elbow bent
w elbow pressed against side extend arm till straight
NOSEBREAKER- laying on bench w bar or ez curl bar in close grip keeping elbows
tight and pointing to ceiling bend elbows not shoulders until bar is touching bridge of
nose then extend arms without letting elbows point out
BENCH DIPS- w feet on floor or box extended straight out in front of you while sitting
on bench w hands just outside hips using arms lower body towards floor and raise them
back up
DB CHEST FLY- lying on bench w db in hand keeping arms straight and elbows facing
out lower weight until arms are extended straight out to your sides, keep elbows slightly
bent and raise weight back to start
MANUAL RESISTANCE NECK- lay on bench face down w head over the end of bench
partner puts hands on back of head making sure you use full range of motion raise head
up while partner resists then hold head up while partner forces head to start should be up
on 3 count down on 6
Flip over onto back partner cups chin and places hand on forehead
8 reps each side then partners switch make your partner suffer because he is going to do it
to you
TENNIS BALL DROP(test) – while in athletic stance partner stands in front of you and
drops tennis ball from shoulder height and asks question you can’t move until you
answer question then catch ball before 2nd bounce
CALF RAISES- using stairs stand on ball of feet on edge of step standing as tall as
possible then lower heel as close to lower step as possible
PLANK looks like a pushup while resting on your elbows instead of hands hold
position for time
-side plank
-other side
PUSHUP keep top of pushup position keep body as straight as possible hold for time
-rt arm up
-lt arm up
-rt foot up
-lt foot up
-opposite limbs up
-rt side
-lt side
PARTNER LEG RAISES laying on ground w partner standing at your head w feet on
either side of your head keeping legs straight and together raise them up partner then
pushes them back down either straight or at angle lower legs on that direction to 6inches
above ground then raise them back up
STANDING HIGH REACH while standing reach arms above your head like you are
trying to reach something on high shelf just out of reach do not go on tiptoes hold for
6 INCHES- lay on ground w legs straight raise legs until heels are 6 inches off ground
and hold for time
KB PASS AROUND WAIST- while standing pass kb around waist from one hand to
KB FIGURE EIGHT- bent over w legs wide but bent swing kb from hand to hand in
figure eight motion between legs
KB HOT POTATO- while standing hold kb by cupping bottom in one hand close to your
chest w other hand 6 inches away pass kb back and forth between hands while elbows
stay tight to your sides
KB WINDMILL – while standing w kb over head in rt hand and feet slightly wider than
shoulder width bend sideways at waist and l knee trying to touch l hand to l foot while
keeping kb overhead and in line w body
MB SIDE THROW holding mb straight out in front of you swing to one side while
keeping feet in same position then throw ball other direction to partner
MB SEATED OVERHEAD THROW- while lying on ground w mb held overhead sit up
and throw ball overhead to partner who catches it and throws it back
MB PARTNER TWIST- while standing back to back w mb cradled in both arms turn to
side and pass ball to partner then turn to the other side as partner passes it back
MB SLAMS- standing w feet shoulder width apart and mb above head throw ball straight
down trying to drive it into ground catch on rebound and repeat
Forward roll
Diving roll
Roll to crab crawl
Roll to bear crawl
Cartwheel roll cartwheel
Roll to high knees
Roll to butt kicks
Seat rolls to carioca rt
Seat rolls to carioca lt
Butt kicks
High knees
Hip flexor(drop skip)
High carioca
Arm circles
Hamstring straight leg
-toe to sky
Toe dorsa flex
Knees bent(short groin)
Straight leg in and out
Jump rope
HEAD ROLL- using full range of motion roll head in circles one direction then the other
PARTNER ARM STRETCH- w arm straight above head close to ear palm facing in
partner grabs elbow and pulls back and inside.. 2nd then w arm straight out to side palm
facing forwards partner holds elbow and pulls back and up(do not roll shoulder
forward)… 3rd w arm at side palm facing side partner grabs wrist and pulls back and up.
TORSO TWIST- while seated w left leg straight place rt foot over top of l leg and next to
knee take l elbow and place on rt knee and turn body using elbow push against knee and
rt arm on ground for stability
LUNGE QUAD STRETCH- w left knee on ground and right foot on floor w knee above
foot lean forward while keeping upper body in neutral position
HIP FLEX – in six point stance slide knees out and feet together slowly rock hips back
on heels and forward to floor then slide knees out further and repeat
PARTNER ACTIVE HAMSTRING- sitting w legs extended out in wide v go down in
turn rt leg lt leg then down middle reach as far as possible w partner assist on back
partner holds in place for 10 count then keeping back straight sit up partner resisting for
10 count.
ANKLE STRETCH- walk on outside of feet 10 steps then on inside of feet 10 steps
Stand on box on toes lower heel towards ground alternate having legs straight and knees
Alternate leg bounding
Double leg bounding
One leg sprint
Power skip
Cone drills
-box drill
-star drill
-descending weave
-pro agility
-every step
-every other step
-hop one foot
-jump both feet
-sideways both feet
-as fast as able
Ladder drill
Tennis ball drop
Tennis ball comeback
depth jumps
box jumps
tuck jumps
lunge jumps
cone jumps front
-side to side
power walk
-w squat jumps
Pushup lateral walk
Wheelbarrow w pushups
Weighted sled pull
Sled push
Tire flip
Battling ropes