Graphic Organizer for 5Cs Lesson

Graphic Organizer for 5Cs Lesson
Poetry Terms Lesson
Mirty Gilkey
The 5Cs
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After finding definitions and samples of each term, students will be asked to pair or group certain terms that are
similar. For instance, consonance and assonance are similar, as are metaphor and simile. By comparing qualities of
similar terms, they will hopefully start to develop an understanding of the use of each term.
Then students will be asked to find terms that are very different. For instance, metaphor is different than alliteration
in that one is about meaning and the other is about sound.
By labeling these terms, students will then start to think about different ways that poets can use these devices to
achieve meaning in their poetry.
Comprehension will be demonstrated by students analyzing meaning in poetry from our text book and also by
creating original poetry using these devices.
By combining their skills and knowledge about poetry terms, students will hopefully be better able to not only
understand a poem's meaning, but discuss how specific elements of that poem contribute to the poet's ultimate
There are some students who struggle with reading in my freshman class.
For these students, I will need to have poetry that is at a slightly lower
reading level. While I will include a Shakespearean sonnet in the unit, I
have begun to use more contemporary poets in my class lately. Billy
Collins is my favorite!