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Wrocław, 15.05.2014
“Portraits of The Cherry Orchard,” based on Anton Chekhov’s drama “The Cherry
Orchard,” is a tale of the end of a world. Its fall means the loss of security, not only material but also
spiritual, and characters, awoken from lethargy, cannot face the inevitable. The eponymously
squandered “Cherry Orchard” is symbolic of spoiled values becoming poetical myth. The characters’
memories of a former existence become an unreachable perfection. The Director has created for each
character a story which is expressed through individual gesture, movement and dance. Underlined by
an ever present musical score, relations are formed, actions and characters defined and using Osip
Mandelstam’s and Anna Akhmatova’s lyrical poetry, he creates notable “musical poems”.
DIRECTOR: Grzegorz Bral
MUSIC: Guy Pearson, Maciej Rychły
CHOREOGRAPHY: Agata Makowska
CAST: Anu Salonen, Dimitris Varkas, Emma Bonnici, Henry McGrath, Julianna Blodgood, Katarzyna
Janekowicz, Katarzyna Timingeriu, Łukasz Wójcik, Paolo Garghentino, Rafał Habel
Media contact: Olga Chrebor, [email protected], tel. 71 346-08-13