News Article Analysis Worksheet

News Article Analysis Worksheet
Date of article:
Newspaper or Source:
Title of article:
1. What do you already know about that topic?
2. Comprehensiveness of Information
A. The 5 "W's" and "H"
1. Who? (Can be country, person, may be more than 1 subject)
2. What?
3. Where?
4. When?
5. Why?
6. How?
B. Of all the 5 "W's" and "H", which one do you think is the most important? Why?
3. Magnitude of the event in story
A. Is it international, national, or local? (Does it affect the place, its neighbors, or the world?) Explain
B. What is its impact? Who are the people were affected by it?
4. Culture and Citizenship
A. How are the country’s cultural values reflected in the article?
B. What evidence is there of nationalism or patriotism?
5. Personal Reaction
A: What surprised or shocked you?
B. Other reaction?
6. US and the World
A. How will this affect the US?
B. What should/can the US do about this? If your answer is nothing, explain why.
7. Brief Summary – at least 3-5 sentences
8. Country Information from CIA World Factbook
A. Location
B. Area (Texas 268,820 sq.mi, or 696,200 km2)
C. Arable land (US 18%)
D. Landlocked or sea access
E. GDP Per Capita PPP and world rank (US $47,200, rank 11)
F. Government Type
G. Literacy Rate
H. Ethnicity Major group-
Minor groups-
I. Religion (Christian, Islamic, or something else)
J. Population (US 313,232,044)
K. Median Age (US 36.9yrs)
L. Population Growth rate
M. Urban Population (US 82%)
9. Add map or picture to enhance understanding- cite the source using the picture URL – not Google