Figurative Language handout

Figurative Language-
Sentences that contain a simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, or
alliteration. These sentences add spice to writing. They help to paint a picture
in your reader's mind.
SimileA figure of speech comparing two things, using like, as, seems, appears, or than.
The sun is like a yellow ball of fire in the sky.
MetaphorComparing two unlike things not using like or as. They transform people, places, and
things into whatever the writer imagines.
His shirt was a flag, flying in the breeze.
Her eyes were jewels, sparkling in the sun.
The ocean is a playground for scuba divers.
A song is a poem set to music.
Her teeth were pearls.
The baby's cheeks were two rosy apples.
The harvest moon was a pumpkin.
PersonificationGiving a nonhuman thing human qualities.
The wind tickled my neck.
Opportunity knocked on the door.
The sun greeted me this morning.
Trees were dancing with the wind.
The flowers were crying for my attention.
The sky was full of dancing stars.
Definition: Naming a thing or an action by imitating the sound associated with it.
Buzz, hiss, roar, woof, sizzle, rattle
Definition: The repetition of the initial consonant sound in two or more neighboring
The wild and woolly walrus waits and wonders when we walk by.