Relative development index (RDI) for Mauritius

Relative development index (RDI) for Mauritius
The RDI is an index computed by the CSO which has been used for identifying priority
areas for implementing poverty-alleviation programmes.
It is a composite index that measures the relative development of Municipal Wards (MW)
and Village Council Areas (VCA). The index is based on 12 variables encompassing housing
and living conditions, literacy and education as well as employment. It ranges between 0
(lowest relative development) and 1 (highest relative development).
Using data from the 2000 Housing and Population Census, it is observed that:
Le Morne VCA, the Island of Rodrigues and Baie du Cap VCA were the least
developed regions as measured by the RDI.
Wards 1 & 2 of Quatre-Bornes and Ward 4 of Beau-Bassin/ Rose- Hill were the most
developed regions
The map that follows shows the relative development of administrative areas (MW and VCA)
of the country by category of relative development.
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