Organs - Binghamton City Schools

What is happening as you read this page? Your heart is beating. You
are breathing, hopefully, in and out with your lungs. Your eyes are taking in
these shapes on the page and your brain is making sense of them. All these
body parts are examples of organs. An organ is a group of different tissues
working together to do a job.
Your heart is made up of
blood tissue, nerve tissue, and
muscle tissue. Its job is to
circulate the blood around your
body. Your eyes take in visual
stimulus and relay that information
to your brain so you know what’s going on around you. Your brain processes
all the information coming in and helps coordinate and control everything you
do. Your organs work together to form organ or body systems that do all
kinds of jobs for the human body.
A group of tissue working together creates an ________________.
The smallest part of the human body is a _________________.
Cells that work together to do a job form _________________.
Your ______________ are organs that take in visual stimulus.
Your heart’s job is to move the ________________ around your body.
A group of organs working together create ____________ or
____________ systems. These systems control all that we do every minute
of every day. You’ve got to love that!