Simultaneous Response Strategies

Simultaneous Response Strategies
 When the teacher poses a question, all students have the
opportunity to think about and respond to the question at the same
 Question
 Wait/Think Time
 Simultaneous Response
 One or two students respond orally or all students in unison
 Teacher expands, extends, and clarifies
 Pair-Shares: Think, Write, or Draw
 Quick Shows: Sit Down/Stand Up; Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down:
Effective with yes/no, true/false, and agree/disagree questions.
 White Boards: Think, write, show
 Sign or Signal: Students show the LIFESKILL sign when
answering a LIFESKILL question.
 Show Me the Number: Assign numbers to vocabulary or spelling
words, places on a map, etc. Ask a question or give a clue and ask
students to show you the number of the correct answer.
 Whip Around/Pass Around: Students think about the answer and
each student quickly gives his/her answer individually as responses
“whip around” the room. (Most effective with questions with
multiple possible responses.)
 A, B, C, D: Each student has four cards marked A, B, C, and D.
Teacher asks a question, gives four choices, and asks students to
hold up correct card. (Great for informal assessment and/or test
 Feedback From My Back: Students work with a partner. Partner
#1 writes a single word on #2’s back, #2 says the word and gives
the definition or describes the significance of the word, based on
current studies.
 Show Me the Graphic: Individually, on paper or a small white
board, students create a quick graphic organizer to show what they
understand about content under study and share it with a partner.
With a partner, students begin to create a graphic organizer, when
the timer goes off they switch boards/paper with a partner and
finish each other’s work.
 Tell it to the Hand (Ceiling, Window, etc.): Students all face the
suggested spot and in unison answer the question.
 Whisper Shout: All answer the question in a loud whisper.
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