Mathcad Shortcuts

ECE 101 Mathcad Hints
1. X  4 (defines X equal to 4)
-The blue cursor selects the portion of the equation to be next acted on. To select
different portions use the arrow keys or spacebar.
V1  5V
- To create a subscript such as the 1 on the given example, press the period (.) key.
4. Solving for x unknowns with x equations:
V2  3
5  V2
V3  6
6  V3
 V2 
 find  V2  V3
 V3 
V2  1.718
V3  2.592
(Actual Values)
If you have two equations and two unknowns you can use the given and find functions in Mathcad. You
must first make guess values for the unknown variables you wish to solve for, then type given and hit
enter, to define the equation field. In this equation field you must use a bold equals when defining your
equations. Once you have your equations laid out then you can use the find function to determine the
actual values of your unknowns.
5. Graphing a function:
First define your function
(Y axis limits)
Function to be graphed
(X axis limits)
Variable in Function
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ECE 101 Mathcad Hints
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