CP CHEMISTRY: Midterm Review – Online Quiz Sites

CHEMISTRY: Midterm Review – Online Quiz Sites
Using the “Chemistry Links” Page on Mr. Campbell’s Website, answer questions on the
following online quiz sites to help you review information for the Midterm Exam. You
may also want to use these quizzes on your own outside of class (Hint, Hint!!)
Zumdahl: World of Chemistry:
Any Quizzes from Chapters 2 – 10 (Focus on Ch. 4 and Chapters 7-8)
ScienceGeek: General Chemistry:
Unit 0: Metric Units/Conversions, Significant Figures
Unit 1: Atomic Numbers Review
Unit 2: Element Classes Review
Unit 4: Writing Formulas, Predicting Names of Products, Balancing EQ’s,
Formula mass and Gram/Mole conversions, ID Reaction Type.
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