KAAD (Kogawa Architecture Art Design): Project Group Description

KAAD (Kogawa Architecture Art Design)
KAAD is a London-based design studio since 2000. The
practice philosophy is to transcend the boundaries between
architecture, art and design to engender a poetic understanding
of creativity. We believe that going beyond mere ‘looking’ is
crucial for engaging with reality. Through creative observation
of any medium, we extend our horizon beyond what can be seen
in the imagination, and are able to share what we have seen
with others.
KAAD’s principal, Toshiya Kogawa, is an architect educated in
Japan and the UK. Prior to moving to London, Mr Kogawa
qualified at Utsunomiya University (1998) and worked for a
private practice where he contributed to several public projects.
From 2000 to 2002, he completed a Postgraduate Diploma in
Architecture at the University of East London School of
Architecture. As part of these studies, he developed a series of
projects based on cultural specificity and difference, based in
part on his experiences in Japan and the UK, and also
developed through a number of field trips – most notably to
Mexico City, northern India, and Amsterdam.
In parallel with work developing KAAD, since 2003 Mr Kogawa
has been employed at Dixon Jones Architects in London,
contributing to a number of public arts projects. For this
practice he is currently part of a team working on a new, largescale multi-use building that includes, amongst other facilities,
a second chamber concert hall for London.
Currently, KAAD is concentrating on competition entries for
public art and architecture schemes that allow us to explore
culture and to pursue new ideas. We seek to present our
thoughts and ideas to change the thoughts and ideas of others.
We believe that there are more beautiful ways of understanding
than those in currency in contemporary society.
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