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Role Profile
Job Description
Job Title
ATCM Cairo: Head Of Teacher Training
Directorate or Region
Location of post
Pay Band
Reports to
TCM Egypt
Duration of job
24 Months
Purpose of job:
To provide efficient and highly effective management of Cairo Teacher Training products and services
and make a significant contribution to the development and expansion of the business through teacher
Context and environment:
There are two BC teaching centres in Cairo. The larger of the two centres, Agouza, delivered
approximately 40000 class hours to 13500 students in 2010-2011. Heliopolis, the smaller of the two
centres, delivered approximately 16000 class hours to 5500 students.
There is a sizeable Corporate Services unit operating out of the Agouza centre with large contracts in the
banking and oil sectors. There is also a large capacity building contract at Cairo University funded by BG
as part of its CSR programme.
There are around 70 teachers in the Agouza centre and 25 in Heliopolis, all of who teach on adult
classes. The majority of the teachers are at an early stage in their careers with up to 20 of them recruited
straight off the CELTA and put onto the in-house Trainee Teacher Programme. There is in addition a
Teacher Support Programme to provide post CELTA training to Egyptian teachers recruited from the
Agouza centre’s CELTA programme. An internal YL Extension to CELTA course is in the planning
The post holder will focus on the development of existing and new teacher training and trainer products
that meet the needs of the external market and / or meet the internal recruitment requirements of the
teaching centres and their ongoing teacher development needs. The post holder will establish BC Cairo
as the known premier teacher training institution in Egypt.
Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
(including people management and finance)
Products and Services Management:
 Lead on the academic management of teaching training programmes for the Cairo teaching centres in
accordance with best practice and market research findings
Set up and monitor effective systems for gathering trainee feedback, ensure in-depth analysis of data
to determine underlying trainee needs and identify improvements to product and service delivery
In line with the centres’ business development strategy, identify and lead on opportunities for new
product introduction and development to meet market needs and internal training requirements
Lead on initiatives to enhance current teaching training products and their delivery
Lead on production of the teacher training component of the centre guide and website and other
promotional material
Field and act on suggestions and complaints
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Resourcing team November 2010
Business Development:
Develop existing and new teacher training and trainer trainer products that meet the needs of the external
market and / or meet the internal recruitment requirements of the teaching centres and their ongoing
teacher development needs
Working with MARCOMMS, develop and implement Cairo’s Teacher Training marketing strategy to
include the identification of target audiences and appropriate marketing and sales channels.
Develop and implement continuous product and service innovations and improvements in accordance
with best practice and customer needs and wants as evidenced through market research
Working with DTCM Agouza and Branch manager Heliopolis run sufficient CELTA and YL Extension
to CELTA courses to help meet the teaching centres teacher recruitment requirements
Together with ATCM Adults and ATCM YL lead on the teaching centres Distance DELTA, YL
Extension to CELTA, Trainee Teacher Programme and Teacher Support Programme in order to
ensure quality in the classroom and thereby business retention and growth.
Professional Support:
 Together with ATCM Adults, lead on the Distance DELTA and aim to ensure that teachers with
sufficient experience take the qualification
Together with ATCM Adults, lead on the development of a CELTA + 2 teachers’ CELTA to DELTA
Bridging programme
Together with ATCM YL, lead on the introduction of the YL Extension to CELTA and ensure that all
teachers teaching on YL programmes complete the qualification
Working with ATCMs Adults, YL and Corporate Services, lead on the ongoing development and
delivery of the Trainee Teacher Programme and TSP Programme
Working with ATCMs Adults, YL and Corporate Services and ST Examinations and Placement
Testing lead on the identification of the centres’ training needs and draw up and ensure delivery of an
appropriate INSETT programme
Together with STs External and Internal Teacher Training and ATCMs Adults, YL and Corporate
Services contribute to:
o Delivery of training programmes
o Classroom observation and feedback
EJF for teachers
Input into the teaching timetable in order to support teachers training and development needs
Teacher recruitment and induction
Staff welfare
Line Management, Teaching
Key relationships: (include internal and external)
Positively manage relationships with teacher trainees and trainer trainees, internal stakeholders
(Corporate services, Examinations, Customer Services, Resources,) and external stakeholders
(Corporative CSR, universities, Ministry of Education, company training departments etc) in order to
maintain and develop the teacher training business. Work together with other E+E MM in both centres in
Egypt and across the region.
Other important features or requirements of the job
(e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc)
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Resourcing team November 2010
The post will be based in Agouza but regular visit to Heliopolis are a must.
Please specify any passport/visa
and/or nationality requirement.
Post only open to UK or Egyptian passport holders. There are age
restrictions to candidates who are over or close to 60 years of age
when applying.
Please indicate if any security or
legal checks are required
for this role.
Enhanced and clear CRB Disclosure is mandatory as well as other
appropriate checks.
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Resourcing team November 2010
Person Specification
Creating a Shared Purpose
Connecting with Others
Working Together
Making It Happen
Assessment stage
All at More demanding Level
Skills and
Business Management and
Market Analysis and Business
Intelligence (Level 1)
Product and Service
Development (Level 1)
Managing Relationships With
Customers, Clients and
Stakeholders (Level 1)
Academic Management –
Teacher Training:
Substantial experience of
delivering teacher training,
undertaking teacher
observations and
developmental line
management of teachers and
support staff
Experience of operational
management of teacher training
Short listing
& Interview
 Distance DELTA
tutor experience,
experience of
delivering YL
Extension to
CELTA, trainee
programmes and
Short listing
& Interview
Teacher Training:
 Extensive knowledge of teacher
training, through substantial
work experience in the field and
relevant postgraduate
 Evidence of continual building of
professional teacher training
profile through keeping abreast
of ongoing developments in the
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Resourcing team November 2010
field, attendance and
presentations at conferences
and publications.
and overall
 First Degree
Submitted by
Steve Bates
Short listing
 DELTA or Trinity Diploma in
 Overall (Post TEFL I) 4 years
full time and relevant EFL
Teaching Experience
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20 June 2011
Resourcing team November 2010