Takeda-leiri Turussa 20

Takeda seminar in Turku 20.-22.3.2009
Seminar is for everybody, with or without bogu. Theme of the seminar is shiai and judging.
Mr. TAKEDA Ryuichi, Kendo kyoshi 7.dan, Yamagata University
Mr. SAITO Koji, Kendo kyoshi 7.dan, Sendai University
Mr. CHIBA Haruhide, Kendo kyoshi 7.dan, Tohoku Fukushi
Students: Mr.Watanabe Masataka, Mr.Yamaguchi Ryota, Ms.Noguchi Saori, Ms.Endo Kaho, Ms.Saito Misato
Fri 20.3.
18-19 kendokata, 19.30-21 kihonkeiko
Sat 21.3.
9-11.30 kihonkeiko, 12.30-14 kihonkeiko, 14-16 lunch, 16-18 shimpan practice,
18-19 graduation (1.kyu-4.dan) + jigeiko
Sun 22.3.
10-13 shiai practice, 13-14 lunch, 14-15 jigeiko
Practice place
Turku University, Educarium, Assistentinkatu 5, Turku
Possibility for accommodation at Shaolin Dojo (with tatamis) - walking distance from practice place. Cost is 6€/night.
Room for 40 person.
We have also reserved some rooms from Congress center-hotel Linnasmäki. Cost is 25€/person/night including
Saturday evening
There is a possibility to enjoy dinner and sauna and have a good time with the senseis at Nummen sauna quite near the
dojo. Dinner possibilities: chicken or vegetable temptation, salad with feta cheese and bread. There is also a pool
outside and some activities and live music!
Cost for the evening is 20€ (including dinner).
The whole weekend costs 50€. Single days: Fri 10€, Sat 30€, Sun 20€. Sleeping at dojo 6€/night. Saturday evening 20€
(including sauna and dinner).
How to pay: to bank account of Rendaino Nordea 159030-134971 with reference 40303. If you come from abroad you
can pay with cash at the dojo.
Registration and further information
Registrations via e-mail to jukka.turunen@rendaino.fi before 6th of March! Any questions? E-mail to Jukka.
Information needed for registration: name, age, grade, accommodation needs, Saturday evening registration (with food
choice and possible allergies). Also the graduation information.