Napoleon Research Paper Outline


Napoleon Research Paper Outline


Childhood of Napoleon Bonaparte a) Born Ajaccio, Corsica, on August 15, 1769 b) Was foreign born but became a French citizen when Corsica was captured by the French. c) Entered military school at age ten, teased because of small stature


French revolution a) Caused because of the King putting France in debt b) The rebels were called the Jacobins which Napoleon was one. c) Napoleons army used superior strategies and became a effective fighting force


Becomes Emperor a) Overthrow’s Directory b) Presented France with a new constitution c) Created a government staffed by talented men, not just nobles d) Established a strong police force e) Crowned by the Pope


Conquering Europe a) Austrians b) Russians c) Prussia


Attacking England a) Battle of Cape Trafalgar b) Continental System


Downfall of the Empire a) Continental System Falls apart b) No heir c) Invasion of Spain d) Invasion of Russia e) Russian massacre f) European Armies Banding together g) Capture of Napoleon


Napoleons Return a) Escape from Elba b) Battle of Waterloo c) End of 100 Days


Napoleons Death a) Stomach Cancer b) Death on May 5, 1821 c) Buried in Paris in the tomb of the Invalides


What Napoleon contributed to society a) A pride of Frances history b) Created pieces of art like the Eiffel tower and Arch de Triumph c) Gathered a enormous amount of the world’s finest art d) Unified Europe for a short time