CURRICULUM VITAE - Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer

Mallikarjuna Reddy Vallem
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Secondary –
Phone: 505-621-8093
Academic Record:
MS in EE with major on power and hold a GPA of 3.83 in the first semester. Worked as
both a Teaching assistant and Research Assistant in Electrical Engineering at New
Mexico State University.
1999- 2003
Secured the All India Rank (AIR) of 511 out of over 3,00,000 students in IIT JEE
Completed B.Tech (Hons) from Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT
Kharagpur in 2003.
Industrial Internships:
Summer internship at CPRI-UHVRL, Hyderabad: Did my summer internship
at Central Power Research Institute, Ultra High Voltage Research Lab, Hyderabad where
the training was observation and analysis of the high voltage transmission systems up to
800 kV and high voltage Insulator Testing. Also I was assigned a project on finding out
frequency response of a system using a sweep frequency generator. I gave an input signal
with sweep frequency of required range and obtained the output response of an RLC
circuit and plotted the frequency and phase response of the system.
Study on Power Deregulation impacts in India : Worked on the effects of
power deregulation on the reliability in India. Worked on a comprehensive study to the
Government of India based on the data provided by the Electrical companies in 2003.
The project was a long term project which was supposed to change the Power Generation
and Transmission system in India by 2015.
1) IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference 2005: The paper is titled
“Distributed Generation Placement for Optimal Microgrid Architecture”. The paper
describes a method based on simulated annealing algorithm to optimally site the location
of DG in the planning of an optimal microgrid. Planning decisions are based on reliability
as an explicit criterion.
2) North American Power Symposium: “Siting and Sizing of Distributed
Generation for Optimal Microgrid Architecture” improves the method published in the
previous paper and extends it to even size the proper amount of DG.
1) Sandia Labs SURP( Sandia University Research Program): The SURP 2005
proposal has been accepted by Sandia Labs. The project is to design models to evaluate
the role of storage devices on reliability of microgrids. The purpose of the project is to
determine the extra money required to rise the reliability to 0.9, 0.99, 0.999 etc.
2) NSF Microgrid Architecture: I had worked on the NSF project with Dr. Joydeep
Mitra with a research Assistantship in Electrical Engineering at New Mexico State
University. The aim of the project was to achieve planning of self-sufficient, self-healing,
autonomous microgrids for the future. I have worked on the resource planning part of the
3) RS-485 based measurement system: During my second year I undertook a project on
the interface of few physical systems like an RTD and a digital voltmeter integrated to
give out a RS-485 input which was converted in RS-232 output and fed into a computer
and the data was actually evaluated. Then it was plotted and the result was critically
analyzed. The work was very much appreciated and it was made an experiment for the
departmental students in their third year.
Computer Skills:
1. Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Matlab
Operating Systems: Win 9.x, UNIX, Linux, Windows NT, MS-DOS.
Contact address:
1116 Plain st. Apt # A,
Las Cruces,
NM, 88001