Transcriber: Claire Clayton, 4 London Road, Markyate, Hertfordshire

Project Title
Giannis Kallika
2.26 mins
I'm Giannis Kallika. I studied Civil Engineering and I finished with my MSc in
Geotechnical Engineering, of course at the University of Birmingham – there's
only one University.
I'm working for Aecom. Aecom is an international company, multidiscipline,
and we’re based at Birmingham. My MSc was in Geotechnical Engineering
and the aims were to help me get expertise that I need for the industry, which
they achieved to a maximum. Thank God I did the MSc at the University of
The course covered whole range of geotechnical aspect including site
investigation, soil mechanics, geomechanics and it went into depth with
advanced soil mechanics. We designed foundations, retaining walls, slope
stability, and all the assessments that are required for the industry. The
course combined the benefits of both worlds – research and laboratories, but
also we had the opportunity to go on-site. We had some site visits to
Ironbridge which was amazing. We got hands-on experience and everyone
loved it.
I choose Birmingham because it’s in the Russell Group and furthermore it’s
top of the rankings which is very important because it does kind of secure you
a job for later on, but also because I got a scholarship.
Since this is the last time that they will be at the Uni, enjoy it to the maximum
but make sure you get the good grades because you're going to need them
next year hopefully.
Project Title
The course provide me hands-on experience. We got site visits and also
provided me the skills that I required for the industry which is the foundation
design, soil stability design which is kind of what I'm using now, so I don’t
have to learn it from scratch – I have it already.
I will not forget the long hours that I was working with my friends but also not
forget the excellent parties I had at Birmingham.
The lecturers are always there. Well you have to ask them for their help,
obviously, you have to ask for help but if you ask for help you're going to get it
and they will actually support you after your request to see how – if you are
happy with the support you got. Excellent, what else do you need? Nothing
else – just study.