balanced man essay

Dante Robinson
Balanced Man Scholarship
Virtue, diligence, and brotherly love are three concepts that, though they are
closely related, hold a distinct meaning and should be active in everyone’s life, day to
day. These ideals are not ones that should be considered every now and then, for the sake
of self-satisfaction. Without them, society would be nothing. Each concept has played a
crucial role in my upbringing and my life today.
Virtue is what makes me do right, when I know I do not have to. My activity in
my community is strongly urged by this sense of virtue. It is the idea of helping and
doing well, though no one is watching. Without virtue, I would be the average citizen,
which, to me, is as bad as criminalization.
Diligence is the will to continue on the things I know are right, even when my
path becomes unclear. Its is the determination I keep in mind to remember my reasons for
being the person who I am. If I begin a task, or give my word on one, my diligence is
what enables me to follow through until the end. I am proud to say that I work hard, and
carry diligence as an attribute for which I am thankful.
Brotherly love, to me, is the most important concept of all of these. One can have
all the diligence and virtue in the world, it is still necessary to realize that some things
simply can’t be done alone. I come from a circle of close knit friends, whom I view as my
family. Without my brothers, I would be lost. Brotherly love is the bond between them
and me, that has stayed strong for years as we help each other through rough times.
Brotherly love is the idea of helping another in need, even if he has wronged you.
Brotherly love, above all, is the key to a healthy, productive society.
All of these ideals, are important in both society and an individual. They combine,
among other qualities, to form a prosperous community. All these are necessary to reflect
happiness on an individual.