Internet Assignment #1

Professor Mongar
Fall 2003
Internet Assignment #1
Print three copies of “Testing Websites for Credibility” from my
The general topic of your Internet research is global warming.
1. Using any search engine, find three different and credible websites in English that
focus on global warming.
2. Use the evaluation sheets to test each website for credibility. Fill them out completely.
3. Print a copy of the homepage only of each website directly from the Internet. The
homepage copy must have the date it was printed and the URL address at the bottom of
the printed homepage.
Warning: If you cut and paste the homepage to MS Word before you print it, it will not
have the URL or date at the bottom of the page. This information is important for future
citation purposes, so should not be disregarded.
4. Staple the completed evaluation sheet to the homepage and submit in a pocket folder.
NO late submissions will be accepted.