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Lab Equipment Worksheet
Explain which piece of laboratory equipment would be most useful for each of the
following tasks
1. Measuring out 50 mL of boiling water
2. Heating 125 mL of water
3. Melting a crystal over a Bunsen burner
4. Preventing the evaporation of water from the beaker
5. Pouring 25 mL of acid from one container to another
6. Weighing out 120 grams of Sodium Chloride
7. Weighing out 5.5 grams of Copper Sulfate
8. Keeping 100 grams of a compound from absorbing atmospheric moisture
9. Suspending glassware over the Bunsen Burner
10. Removing chemicals from a reagent bottle
11. Keeping the contents of a boiling beaker from splattering
12. Mixing two liquids together
13. Removing a hot beaker from the ring stand
14. Titrating an acid into a base
15. Removing the crucible from the fire
16. Looking at small items at the microscopic level
17. This is used to obtain the precipitates. You need a funnel to assist in it.
18. Used to obtain small amount of liquids
19. Used to hold small beakers over the Bunsen burner- different from number 9
20. used to protect a scientist while doing labs (3 items)
Then find pictures of each of the items and include as part of the answer.