Campus Recreation and Intramurals

Campus Recreation and Intramurals
Important Numbers and Information
Director of Campus Recreation and Intramurals
Scott Hendricks, MASL
Krauss 214
7400 Augusta Street Box 36 G
River Forest, IL 60305
Office: 708-209-3505
Fax: 708-209-3176
Email: [email protected]
Geisemann Memorial Gymnasium Complex Hours (Academic Year)
Include: North and South Gym
PAW (Performance and Wellness Center)
Monday through Thursday: 6:00 am to 11:00 pm
Friday: 6:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday: 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Lower Weight Room
Sunday through Thursday: 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
***All times subject to change due to availability***
For availability call 708-209-3116
Geisemann Memorial Gymnasium Complex Hours (Summer)
Include: North and South Gym
PAW (Performance and Wellness Center)
Monday through Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Lower Weight Room
Sunday through Thursday: Closed
***All times subject to change due to availability***
For availability call 708-209-3116
Campus Recreation and Intramurals
At Concordia University Chicago our Campus Recreation and Intramurals
program strives to offer exciting, accessible, innovated, friendly, and fun activities
for students, to become more physically active. This is an opportunity to interact
with friends, enrich friendships, and make new friends. The program is designed
to develop character, leadership and sportsmanship. Although the program is
intended for students, faculty and staff members are welcome to participate.
Campus Recreation includes any recreational events that are held on or off
campus. Some sample events that could fall into this category would be ski trips,
canoe trips, running/walking events, card games, board games, crazy olympics,
and other excursions throughout the Chicago area. Intramurals in its simplest
terms is defined as sport competitions that are played by students, faculty, and
staff. Athlete’s who play at the collegiate level may not participate in intramural
play of the sport they are involved in. Athletes who are ineligible to particular in
certain intramural sports can serve as referees or participate in another
intramural sport they are not involved in. Some of our popular events have
included ultimate frisbee, volleyball, bowling, floor hockey, and basketball. The
intramural program is not limited to these sports and can expand or contract
based on the interest level of the students. As part of the Campus Recreation
and Intramural program most of the costs will be covered by the university. There
may be times where a fee may be placed to the participants. This so more
activities can be provided throughout the course of the year. Should you have
any suggestions for the Campus Recreations and Intramural Program, please
contact the Director of Campus Recreation and Intramurals. It is the feedback of
the students that make the programs more successful.
This handbook is to serve as an informative and procedural reference for all
students, faculty and staff who wish to participate in activities sponsored by the
Campus Recreation and Intramural program. It is the responsibility of all
participants to be knowledgeable of the information contained in this handbook.
The regulations and guidelines provided in the handbook will serve as the
premise of the Campus Recreation and Intramurals Program at Concordia
University Chicago.
Team Entries
1. Check the Campus Recreation and Intramurals Calendar for registration dates
on the Concordia Connect Portal in the Campus Recreation and Intramurals
Group. You may find the group under athletics
2. Decide on which activity to participate.
3. Organize a team. Each team can consist of any current student, faculty, staff,
and their spouses.
4. Forms for team entry are found in the Concordia Connect Portal under the
“files” category of the Campus Recreation and Intramurals Group page. You
must join the group in order to obtain the files.
5. Complete the intramural registration form completely. Ensure that all
participants read the waiver, print their name and sign the registration form.
6. Turn in the intramural registration form to Director of Campus Recreation and
Intramurals in Student Services located in Krauss 214. Should there be a fee
assigned to activity, it would be due at the time of registration.
7. Attend the scheduled captain meetings. Captains meetings are mandatory. If
the team captain is unable to attend the captain’s meeting a team member must
attend one of the meetings in the captain’s place.
Roster Regulations
1. All participants must read and sign the team roster/waiver form in its entirety.
2. Rosters are capped at certain levels depending on the event. There are no
exceptions for going over the cap of specific event.
3. Players who have not signed the roster are ineligible.
4. When adding a new player, the new player must come into the Director of
Campus Recreation and Intramurals Office in Student Services located in Krauss
214 to sign the roster before participating in his/her first game. Players who have
not signed the roster/waiver by 4:30pm the day of a game are not eligible to
participate that evening. Should the event occur over the weekend, the deadline
is same time but of the Friday prior to the weekend.
5. Rosters are “frozen” at the midpoint of each regular season. At that time,
additions to the roster are not permitted.
6. Participants may only play for one team per league. Playing in one game
declares your allegiance to that team for the remainder of that
season/tournament. A participant my transfer to another team if they have not
played on another team and the receiving team captain approves.
Individual Participant Eligibility
The following criteria establish requirements for individual intramural
1. All current part time and full time students, faculty and staff members of
Concordia University Chicago are eligible to participate in the Campus
Recreation and Intramurals program. Spouses of students, faculty and staff are
also eligible for participation.
2. Participants must possess a valid Concordia University Chicago ID card. A
request for verification of ID by the director or campus recreation and intramurals
worker may occur prior to each event. Failure to produce a valid ID upon request,
participates may be subjected to ineligibility until ID is provided. Should a
participant not be able to provide a valid ID, the director or campus recreation
and intramurals worker may override the ID if he/she is recognizable. If
participant is a spouse of a student, faculty or staff member, it is the responsibility
of the student, faculty or staff member to contact the director prior to the event to
verify the status of the relationship. Valid driver’s license may be accepted for
3. Students who are members of a NCAA team, he/she may not participate in the
corresponding intramural sports. Student athletes who are listed on the official
NCAA roster as of the first game of the season are ineligible for the
corresponding sports. Student athletes are still encouraged to participate in noncorresponding sports.
4. Individuals must be listed on a roster form before participating in the campus
recreation and intramural event. Participant’s names will be listed on the score
sheet according to the official roster. Players may be added up until the start of
the first game. Should an injury occur to prevent a player from playing, and the
roster is below eligibility, they may add players, with only the approval of the
5. An individual may not participate on more that one team of any given sport.
Campus Recreation and Intramurals Structure
Through out the year there will be a series of league structured events. Each
league will typically run for approximately 4 weeks with the 5th week added as a
playoff week. Eligibility for the playoffs will be determined by the number of
participating teams. Officials will be provided for the leagues to maintain the
fairness of play. For the leagues you will have to watch out for the registration
dates and deadlines. In addition to the league structured events, there will be
random day events throughout the semester. This will allow participants to
engage in an activity without having the commitment of a league and is just
limited to the day. Some of these events may require pre-registration just to get a
feel of how many people may attend. Otherwise, these events will be treated
more as pick-up games. Officials will most likely not be present during this time
as not all activities will be actual sports. In addition these activities are more for
recreational purposes and not just competitive. Some activities may require a
fee. Examples of activities that would have a fee attached to them would be
bowling, canoeing, skiing, and other day trip adventures. These events are only
offered based on interest level of the students.
Most events will be schedules on Sunday evenings after 6:00 pm. Although there
will be other times that would be available but check schedule to make sure.
League Schedules will be handed out to the captain at the captain’s meeting.
This is another reason why the captain’s meeting is important. Playoff schedules
are predetermined by the start of the captain’s meeting and listed at the bottom
of the schedule. Each team is made one copy of the sport schedule.
Each team will be given a copy of the rules at the captain’s meeting. If
participants would like additional copies, they may find them on the Concordia
Connect Portal under the “files” category of the Campus Recreation and
Intramurals Group page. You must join the group in order to obtain the files.
Captain’s Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of all captains to educate team members of all Campus
Recreation and Intramural policies and procedures. Team captains are expected
to meet the following guidelines:
1. Attend the mandatory captain’s meetings.
NOTE: If the team captain is unable to make either of the captain meetings, a
representative from the team must attend one of meetings in his/her place. Prior
notification from the captain not being able to attend is expected.
2. Act as the liaison between Campus Recreation and Intramurals and all team
3. Ensure that all players have registered with the Officials before the start of the
4. Complete the roster/waiver form with participants’ signatures for the individual
5. Submit the required deposit prior to entry deadline if applicable.
6. Represent your team in communications with officials and supervisors.
7. Educate your team members regarding the consequences of poor
sportsmanship for both the individual and the team.
8. Manage the behavior of all team members and spectators.
9. Ensure that team members understand and abide by all policies
10. Inform any ejected players that they must promptly leave the facility in which
the competition is being held. Failure to leave the facility will result in a team
forfeit. When a player is ejected from a game the team captain must meet with
the Intramural Coordinator the next business day.
Individual Participant Apparel/ Jewelry
1. Proper athletic footwear must be worn while competing; open-toed shoes,
sandals and boots are prohibited. Athletic footwear facility policies are in effect at
each respective site during intramural competition.
2. The wearing of jewelry is not permitted during intramural competition.
Intramural staff will not hold jewelry for participants. In addition, jewelry may not
be covered by tape or band-aids.
3. Medical tags are permissible.
4. Campus Recreation and Intramurals is not responsible for any lost or stolen
items. Do not take valuables to Intramural contests and leave them unattended.
Equipment Policy
The Department of Campus Recreation and Intramurals will do its best effort to
provide equipment for the use during the particular activity. In some cases,
equipment may not be available by the University, and will need to be supplied
by the participating individuals. If participants wish to use their own equipment,
they must gain approval for usage by the officials and/or the Director of Campus
Recreation and Intramurals.
Trash Policy
In our attempt to keep the facilities clean. It is expected to take any trash that the
participant may have brought into the facility such as drink bottles, and other
items. Should a problem develop, teams may be subject to penalties including
forfeiting of games or ineligibility of playoffs.
Weather Policy
The Director of Campus Recreation and Intramurals will make all decisions
regarding weather related postponements. Information pertaining to weather
related cancellations that occur prior to the start of the activity will be provided for
participants in the following manner:
1. Cancellation decisions will be made by 1 hour prior to the start of the contest..
2. Director of Campus Recreation and Intramurals will contact the team captains
by phone.
3. Postponed intramural contests will not be rescheduled if field space and
season length do not permit, but will try as much as possible to reschedule.
5. In the event that games are not rescheduled during the regular season, the
games will result in a “WIN” for both teams.
Game stoppage
Due to adverse weather conditions during an activity will be determined as
1. Supervisors will make the final stoppage of play decisions.
2. If a game is stopped in the first half of play the result will be “WINS” for both
3. If the game is ended in the second half, the outcome at that point will be the
final result.
In the event of a forfeit, the team will lose the game in which was forfeited.
Should a team be tied with another team at the end of the season and have a
forfeit, the tie breaker will go to the other team. In the event a team has more
than one forfeit, they will no longer be eligible for playoff contention. If a team
knows in advance they are not going make a game, they must notify the Director
of Campus Recreation and Intramurals. Should the forfeit be caused by
scheduling conflicts related to other obligations at Concordia, if the forfeit is
known ahead of time, an attempt to reschedule the match will occur. No
guarantee for this to happen, as space is limited. To be eligible for a forfeit make
up game, the team forfeiting must contact the Director by 4:30 pm the day of the
contest or Friday if the event is scheduled on the weekend. In addition, the
opponent’s team captain must agree for the make-up game as well. Forfeits are
defined as:
1. Failure to attend a game/match on time
2. Failure to have enough players to meet minimum player requirements.
Assumption of Risk
By voluntarily participating in Concordia University Chicago Campus Recreation
and Intramural programs, all participants assume risk of injury. Concordia
University does not accept responsibility for injury or loss incurred by any person
participating in activities organized and administered by the Campus Recreation
and Intramural program. Should injury incur, immediate action should occur to
seek medical attention.
Emergency Procedures
In the event of an emergency, always remain calm. Ensure that the following
actions are taken to respond to each situation.
Life or Death Emergency
Immediately call 911 directly and then have someone contact Switchboard at “0”
from on campus phone, or 708-771-8300 from cell phone. Have pertinent
information ready when you call (location, type of emergency, status of victim,
who will meet the ambulance, etc.)
Major Injury (neck, back, spinal cord, major ligament tear, compound fracture,
Contact Switchboard at “0” from on campus or 708-771-8300 from cell. Also call
911. Have pertinent information ready when you call (location, type of injury,
status of victim, etc.)
Minor Injury (ankle sprain, broken finger, minor cut/scrape, etc)
Contact Switchboard at “0” from on campus or 708-771-8300 from cell. In
addition, injured participants are encouraged to seek medical evaluation as soon
as possible.
Blood Born Pathogen Policy
The procedures for handling potentially contaminated blood and body fluids have
been instituted to decrease the risk of transmission of blood born pathogens. The
following blood born pathogen procedures must be abided by all intramural
participants and staff:
1. An intramural participant with a bleeding/hemorrhaging wound must cease
play at once.
2. If a Campus Recreation staff member notices a participant with a
hemorrhaging wound, the staff person will stop play immediately.
3. A participant may resume play only after removal of soiled garment(s) and/or
personal item(s), and the wound has been cleaned and covered by the
4. Questions regarding this policy may be addressed with the Director of Campus
Recreation and Intramurals at ext. 3505.
Code of Conduct and Behavior
All individuals and teams involved on our Campus Recreation and Intramural
program will be expected to exhibit good sportsmanship, which requires respect
for opponents, spectators, and all Campus Recreation and Intramural staff In
order for the program to succeed, all participants must abide by the rules of the
games as well as the rulings of the officials. Profanity, abusive language, nonabiding of the rules and disrespect toward officials and other participants will not
be tolerated. Violation of these policies may result into ejection and/or
suspension of participation by the individual
Intramural Fighting Policy
Campus Recreation and Intramurals will not tolerate fighting. Individuals involved
in altercation will be ejected from the contest immediately and will be suspended
until further notice. Before participants involved in the altercation can return back
to play, individuals must make an appointment to meet with the Director of
Campus Recreation within 72 hours of the incident.
Only protests concerning the eligibility of a player or the misinterpretation of rules
will be considered. Protests on the official’s judgment will not be considered.
Protests should be made in the following manner:
Eligibility Protest
Whenever questions arise concerning a player’s eligibility, the official and the
opponent’s team captain should be notified before or during the contest. If a
question still persists after speaking to the official and the opponent’s team
captain, ask the official to make a not of the protest on the back of the score card
and the director will investigate the matter. If it is found that a team has had an
ineligible player participate in the contest, they will forfeit the game(s) in which
said ineligible person has played.
Misinterpretation Protest
Rule misinterpretation protests must be made verbally at the time of the incident
in a respectful manner to the official stating that it is an official protest. At that
point, the official will make note of the time and situation of the protest on the
score card. The official will try to resolve the issue at hand, and the contest will
resume in play. Should the situation not be resolved properly, the protesting team
may still protest. To follow through with the protest, the team captain must stop
by the Director of Campus Recreation and Intramurals office by 5 pm on the
following day. Games in protests are upheld may be replayed from the point of
protest. Only those players who were present during the original game may play
in a protested game. The Director of Campus Recreation will be responsible for
offering two to three possible times for the make-up game. If both teams are
unable to attend any of the scheduled times, then the game will result into a draw
with each team receiving a half a point for the game.
Campus Recreation and Intramural Staff
Student staff are employed to help administer and aide the implementation of the
Campus Recreation and Intramural program
Serve as Intramural Officials during play
Be at event before participants arrive
Set up and tear down the field/game equipment
Wear proper attire (ref shirt, dark pants/shorts, sneakers, whistle, etc..)
Collect all IDs from Participants, and check names against the score sheet to
player eligibility.
Understand all rules in order to field questions and ensure proper implantation of
rules of the activity.
Know and understand the Campus Recreation and Intramurals Handbook.
Maintain game clock, team possession, and score.
Other assigned tasks for the Campus Recreation and Intramural
Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA
Must possess physical ability and knowledge to officiate games properly
Prior experience in at least one Intramural sport is preferred
Willingness to learn other sports to serve as an official
Ability to serve as a leader to represent the Campus Recreation and Intramural
Must have the flexibility to work nights and weekends
How to Apply for Employment
Contact the Director of Campus Recreation and Intramurals at 708-209-3505 or
[email protected]