Accounts Payable (BACKUP ROLE)

Position Description
Finance Specialist
Nine Star Education & Employment
Position Summary: The Finance Specialist is a full time administrative support position. This position is responsible to
handle various Finance and HR-Related tasks, and assists with office management support. This position is a full-duty
backup to the Finance Administrator for accounts payables, supportive services tracking and reconciliation and vendor
services billings. This individual works at the Fifth Avenue Office with the Finance Administrator to assure checks and
balances in the office processes, and works closely with the Office Manager and CFO to provide excellent oversight of
expenditures and accurate billing.
Work Hours:
This position is full time with flexible hours as necessary during the hours of 9:00am – 6:00 pm
Monday through Friday with a sixty-minute lunch break. No over time is required or permitted.
Supervisor: Vice President for Personnel Team: Finance Department
(with direction from CFO)
Classification: Full Time Non-Exempt
Position Requirements:
 Excellent computer skills, including but not limited to Word, Excel, FileMaker Pro, MultiLedger
 Willing to submit to and pass a full criminal background check and driving records check.
 Willing and able to adhere to a strict confidentiality policy and follow all established procedures.
 Must maintain a clean driving record and dependable vehicle. As this position requires in-town travel, DUI
convictions and poor driving records result in immediate termination of employment.
 Ability to master new computer programs quickly and process data accurately and efficiently.
 Ability to work independently as well as with team members.
 Have the minimum of 3 year-related experience with increasing responsibility.
 Ability to communicate effectively in person through verbal and written skills.
 Understand and adhere to a strict separation of duties that protects the assets of the company and provides a
level of security for review by auditors.
 Adhere to dual-control policy on managing assets.
 Must demonstrate willingness and ability to delegate responsibility to clerical staff, as appropriate, and find
efficiency in processes to save time while still assuring a solid system. Must be able to keep work load to a
maximum of 8 hours per day, forty hours per week. No work may be taken out of the Nine Star sites.
 Have a professional, approachable and friendly attitude with all staff members, clients and visitors.
 Have excellent customer service skills and a personable, yet assertive disposition
 Ability to organize, prioritize and complete tasks with minimal supervision.
 Ability to coordinate simultaneous tasks, follow-up on multiple details in an environment w/frequent
 Desire and aptitude to continue learning new projects, systems, and programs but willingness to do minor
and rote tasks, as needed.
 Must possess excellent time management skills; absolutely dependable and punctual.
 Demonstrate loyalty to the organization.
 Willing to take on new tasks with an eagerness to learn new skills.
 Flexible schedule, willing and able to shift to new tasks on demand.
 Able to lift up to 30 pounds without limitation; obtain assistance with heavy items when needed.
 Able to make sound decisions on complex assignments.
 Ability to problem-solve through situations; understanding of when to ask for assistance.
 Bachelors degree in finance related major preferred, substitute 5 years comparable finance position in lieu
of 4 year degree.
Accounts Payable (BACKUP ROLE)
 Secure W-9 or tax information as needed, assuring vendors are appropriate prior to cutting check(s).
 Oversees set up of vendor files for filing documentation.
 Sets up profit centers and codes in the MultiLedger System according to approved budgets and coding.
 Assists program staff in credit account set up (as approved by CFO) and account reviews.
 Assures that all check requests are backed up with complete and acceptable documentation prior to
processing and collects all secondary documentation (e.g. packing slips, signatures of receipt, etc) before
 Assures the Nine Star Enterprises check process is followed, including but not limited to PRF, PO and
signatures, Invoice and receipts, etc.
 Monitors cash balances on accounts, notifies CFO and AAS bookkeeper on cash needs and transfers
 Follows a process to avoid the issue of duplicate payments, over payment or under payment and assures
Position Description
Finance Specialist
Nine Star Education & Employment
 Processes Accounts Payables in a systematic manner, processing payments every two weeks and processes
special payments as necessary to ensure uninterrupted operations.
 Reviews vendor statements to assure that everything is paid in a timely manner to avoid late fees and
interest charges.
 Maintains void check files and works with AAS Bookkeeper to assure that the accounting system is
 Maintains files for state property check listings. Issues repayment for unclaimed property, as approved by
bookkeeper and/or CFO.
 Assures that all checks are processed within the right accounts and that all proposed payments conform with
established guidelines.
 Reviews files and IRS TIN Discrepancy letters to assure proper information on 1099s. Assists AAS
bookkeeper with 1099 closeout.
Supportive Services Cards (Backup and Assist Role)
 Review inventory and order cards, as necessary, and as approved by CFO.
 Sets up batch according to new purchases in preparation for card entry by finance assistant.
 Orders bus passes each month, picks up and returns passes to transit center.
 Oversee the entry of cards and passes into the RCM FileMaker database, ensuring all card totals match the
purchase amount.
 Process requests for cards by each site and distribute in a timely manner, following the process of securing
signatures and verification of distribution.
 Distribute all incentive cards to Vice President for Personnel. Follow distribution procedure to assure
 Collect master lists, vouchers and stickers from sites each Friday and oversee the finance assistant in data
 Reconciles master lists for bus passes each month and scans to CFO
 Process voucher voids and voucher corrections for Work Services Specialists to assure up to date
processing of cards in the system.
 Track master lists and cards given to non-WS programs (YEES, MASST, YF, etc) and collect master lists
to send to CFO for GJE as completed. Assures that all cards are properly tracked and reported.
 Provides written direction and verbal training to supportive services site administrators to assure the
integrity of the process, follows protocol for authorized amounts, and clean distribution.
 Assure that card stock, master lists and reports match the RCM database and that all cards are tracked.
 Performs random checks on site supportive services to assure appropriate process. SS Administrator will
not remove or accept cards from sites, and will work directly with site administrator during audit.
 Performs final closeout of stock at each site to assure the opening of the fiscal year is accurate.
Vendor Services Invoicing (Backup and Assist Role)
 Receives vendor services AFP (DVR), Voucher (DPA), letter (other) for billing for miscellaneous classes
or services for clients and coordinates with appropriate personnel to assure that billing is due.
 Enters data into Vendor Services Database and invoices appropriate agency.
 Receives payment and enters deposit on log with appropriate invoice information, attaching invoice detail
for coding purposes by CFO and AAS Bookkeeper.
 Enters deposit detail into vendor services database and files all paperwork.
 Maintains information on Citrix server for access by financial staff and managers, and reports on income
by each vendor.
Other (Backup and Assist Role)
 Assists with processing credit card payments and collects and reports all credit card transactions to match
the monthly Credit Card statements sent by the AAS bookkeeper.
 Collects unopened bank documentation (Wells Fargo, FNBA, Etc) to send to AAS
 Collects Garnishment documentation and immediately scans to CFO.
 Collects staff time sheets from supervisors monthly and performs quality assurance on documents. Scans
documents to CFO and delivers originals to AAS Bookkeeper.
 Mails documents, emails copies, filing and other clerical tasks as dictated by staffing needs. Clerical staff
will always be used for these tasks, when available.
 Manages all copies of contracts and grants, budget revisions and file correspondence. Scans, files and
maintains electronic copies on Citrix for use by executive management and auditors. Scan copies to CFO.
 Manages donations file for each fiscal year including noting donation on list and deposit form (if
applicable), drafts letter of acknowledgement, files in corporate file.
 Assists with Audit and end of year prep, as directed by CFO
 Other duties, as assigned by Supervisor.
Position Description
Finance Specialist
Nine Star Education & Employment
HR and Office Support Duties (to be handled by Office Manager during Finance Administrator’s absence)
 Back up for Front desk coverage, including, but not limited to answering phones, delivering messages,
sorting mail, following office management building procedures,
 Scan documents, copy, file and provide other clerical support as directed.
 Maintains and completes employee insurance spreads for accurate billing and coverage monitoring.
 Maintains employee leave tracking in personnel database.
 Completes COBRA Forms for eligible staff.
 Assist with Cafeteria Plan tracking, including form distribution and collection.
 Assist with Tax Sheltered Annuity notification, form distribution and Salary Reduction form collection.
 Complete PRFs as needed to obtain funds for purchases.
 Manages OSHA compliance and Worker’s Compensation reporting requirements: includes collecting
incident reports, filing worker’s compensation reports with insurance adjuster, tracking cases, reporting to
OSHA annually.
 Works with VP for Personnel and CFO to manage FMLA Leave, including tracking time, securing
documentation for files, staff notification.
Finance Support Duties (to be handled by the CFO during Finance Administrator’s Absence)
 Review all participant payrolls bi-weekly against budget and alert Program Coordinators on progress.
 Tracks flex plan- enrollees, claims, deduction spreadsheet for payroll
 Balances Health insurance credits and dependent deductions against billings and ML Monthly (includes
completing monthly insurance spreads and coding for payments).
 Tracks and balances payroll advances
 Tracks and balances TDA deductions against ML
 Tracks and balances CSED deductions against ML
 Tracks and balances garnishments against ML
 Tracks all Supportive Services purchases, card usage and GJEs (prepaid cards)
 Tracks all Postage usage on postage logs and stamp purchases (prepaid expenses)
 completes monthly bus pass master list review and coding
 enters all AmAk Match forms into AmAk database for reporting monthly in-kind
 reviews participant payroll transactions to:
a. assure that fund balances are in line
b. Works with Program staff to assure transactions are coded properly
c. Download youth participant amounts into excel monthly and sorted by ISY and OSY
d. Download MASST participant pay monthly and reports hours for each participant.
 Pulls all MASST, YEES, YF, Etc. Master lists and tracks on a spreadsheet, per account, against database
distributions. Originate GJE.
 completes Supportive Services and PFP reports
 Completes UAA quarterly (not confidential)
 completed SSG quarterly (not confidential)
 completes verifications of employment for all Participants and AmeriCorps.
 files all finance documents
 completes AR files and files reports (hard copy and electronic)
I have read and understood all requirements of this position description, and understand that a new position description
will be issued if or when my duties change significantly.
Finance Specialist