A Tale of Two Cities Character Analysis Presentation/Poster Project

AP English Literature
Ms. Calhoun
A Tale of Two Cities Character Analysis
Presentation/Poster Project – Due March 19-21
For your assigned character, create a poster or other visual aid and a BRIEF
presentation (NO MORE than 5 minutes, seriously) that covers the following:
1. A quote that reveals his/her character traits and personality. Document the
book/chapter/page. Discuss the traits revealed and how/why Dickens
develops characterization—note specific literary devices.
2. Describe the function of this character. What role(s) does this character
play? Think about the nature of this character’s interactions with others.
3. Determine and discuss a MEANINGFUL, clever metaphor or symbol with
multiple, complex meanings. Include an image of this metaphor with a
description of the connection.
4. Draw a parallel by making an allusion to an historical or literary figure.
Fully explain the connection, offering several reasons.
5. Decide upon a theme song for your character. Play an excerpt of this song
for the class and include annotated lyrics with your poster/presentation.
Annotations should reveal connections between the song and the character.
Jarvis Lorry
Lucie Manette
Dr. Manette
Monsieur Defarge
Madame Defarge
Charles Darnay
Sydney Carton
Jerry Cruncher
Miss Pross
C. J. Stryver
Marquis St. Evremonde
John Barsad