10th Grade Vocabulary Lesson 8 Preview
Name: ___________________________________
Word Bank
aegis amends
*Match the words to their definitions:
1. Peacemaking; appeasing; intended to overcome distrust, animosity, or conflict.
2. Something done to make up for a wrong, an injury, or a mistake; compensation.
3. To restore something to an earlier condition, by repairing or remodeling.
4. To treat as inferior.
5. To annoy with repeated and insistent requests; to ask for urgently or repeatedly.
6. To make less severe; to soften; to lessen; or moderate.
7. To go as a customer; to shop at regularly.
8. To help opposing sides reach an agreement; to intervene in a conflict in order to
improve the situation.
9. To support or sponsor.
10. To free from difficulty or entanglement.
11. Tending to cause or bring about; favorable to.
12. Protection; sponsorship; guidance.
Turn over 
* More difficult. Put the correct word into the correct sentence. You may have to
add –ed to some words.
1. I worked hard to ________________________ the antique desk by carefully sanding
and stripping away old paint.
2. The teacher ________________________ the bully’s teasing with a pat on the
shoulder and a warm smile.
3. My older brother likes to ________________________ me when he thinks I don’t
know how to do something.
4. Sometimes I’m stuck in the middle of my feuding parents and I have to
________________________ the argument.
5. I noticed how angry I sounded, so I calmed down and adopted a more
_______________________ tone of voice.
6. Melanie does not ________________________ stores that sells clothing made from
child labor.
7. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a varied diet are ___________________ to good
8. My Aunt Louise’s Company ________________________ the annual benefit for
World Hunger.
9. I helped ___________________ a sea turtle that was tangled up in my net.
10. Valerie made ______________________ for using her dad’s credit card by working
hard and paying him back.
11. Much medical research is conducted under the _____________________ of the
federal government.
12. My 4 year old cousin _____________________ me by constantly asking for a piggy
back ride. Ugh! I finally gave in!