ch. 6 and 7 study guide

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The Last Test Review Guide!!
(of 1st Semester U.S. History!!)
Chapter 6 ~ The South and West Transformed
Chapter 7 (sections 1 & 2 only) ~ Issues of a Gilded Age
Materials to study from:
 Textbook
 6.1 Critical Thinking Questions #4-6
 “Buffalo Soldier” handout
 “Attack on Culture” video guide
 6.2 guided reading questions – 160-164 and 164-168 (two handouts)
 Notes on 6.3 “Transforming the West”
 T-chart comparing Washington and Dubois
 Plessy V. Ferguson worksheet
 Emergence of Political Machines worksheet
 Lecture notes: “Political and Economic Challenges” (info from 7.2)
Topics/Concepts to study:
cash crop - cotton
Civil Rights Act of 1875
Buffalo Soldier
Farmers’ Alliance
White vs. Native Am. view of nature
Reservation system vs. assimilation vs.
allotment system
o Dawes Allotment Act
major battles between U.S. government
and Great Plains Tribes
o Sand Creek Massacre
o Little Big Horn
o Wounded Knee
key Native American leaders
o Chief Joseph
o Geronimo
o Sitting Bull
o Crazy Horse
Indian Rings
Transcontinental RR – how, where, who?
o land grant
Open range system and why it ended
o Connection to RR
Homestead Act
o life of Homesteaders
o Exodusters
effects of western industries on nature
Booker T. Washington
W.E.B. DuBois
Ida B. Wells
Las Gorras Blancas
Jim Crow laws – know specific examples
Gilded Age
“forgotten presidents”
political machine
spoils system
Tweed Ring/Boss Tweed
civil service (definition)
o Pendleton Civil Service Act
Thomas Nast
gold standard
o support and opposition
Coinage Act of 1873