The 1920s Webquest - Butler County Schools

The 1920s Web quest
Was it a Big Roar or Just a Big Yawn?
Directions: Using your problem-solving & technology skills, respond to the following questions
using a variety of web-sites, excluding Wikipedia. You can use Microsoft Word for your
1) Explain the Red Scare in America after World War One.
2) Find an image and describe the events of the Sacco and Vanzetti case.
3) Find an image of the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s and why they gained
popularity in this decade.
4) Find a political cartoon of the Teapot Dome Scandal and explain in your own words the
meaning of the cartoon.
5) Find an image of President Calvin Coolidge.
6) Find an image of any 1920s automobile and describe the impact of the automobile for
7) Explain the “Black Sox” scandal.
8) Describe three issues around Prohibition (bootleggers, speakeasies, etc).
9) Find a political cartoon or image surrounding the Scopes trial. Summarize this court
10) Find an image of a flapper.
11) What new careers were available to women in the 1920s?
12) Find an image of the Spirit of St. Louis and describe its significance.
13) Find images of 3 top book jackets from the era (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edna Millay, Ernest
Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis)
14) What was the Harlem Renaissance?
15) Find an image of and explain the Great Migration.
16) Describe the boxing match between Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney. What significance
did it have?
17) Find a poem, song, or piece of literature of one of the following artists: Langston
Hughes, Paul Robeson, Louis Armstrong, “Duke” Ellington, Bessie Smith and Jacob