Bare Bones: Forensics 101

“Bare Bones: Forensics 101”
Death’s Acre
1. What is the ultimate goal when you are examining a body in a forensic case?
2. What are the Big Four?
3. How can a corpse’s skin be deceptive?
4. How can you differentiate a male skull from a female skull?
5. List one evolutionary change humans have undergone.
6. What is the anatomy of the adult pelvis?
7. What is the pubic symphysis?
8. Describe how anthropologists can use the pubic symphysis to estimate age.
9. What is prognathism?
10. What are the three main groupings of skulls?
11. List the complex assembly of cranial bones.
12. What are the joints called where the cramium’s seven bones meet? What kind of appearance to
they have?
13. What is the best place to measure on the human skeleton in order to deduce height?
14. What was the ultimate fate of Mary Louise?