EE 314M - Engineering Electromagnetics I: Fundamentals

ESE 330 - Engineering Electromagnetics I: Fundamentals
Course Description:
Electromagnetic theory as applied to electrical engineering: vector calculus and orthogonal coordinate
systems; electrostatics and magnetostatics; Maxwell's equations, including Poynting's theorem and
boundary conditions; uniform plane-wave propagation; transmission lines - TEM modes, including
treatment of general, lossless line, and pulse propagation; introduction to guided waves; introduction to
radiation and scattering concepts.
Prerequisite: ESE 317 or equivalent
Credit: 3 Units (2 engineering science; 1 engineering design)
Textbook: Field and Wave Electromagnetics, Second Edition, 1992, David K. Cheng
Math Review. Vector addition and multiplication, coordinate systems, circulation and flux, divergence,
gradient, curl, vector identities, divergence theorem, Stoke's Theorem. (reading & homework, 0.5 week)
Electrostatics/Magnetostatics. Charge configurations, Coulomb's law, E field, electrostatic potential,
Gauss's law, dielectrics, boundary conditions, Poisson's and Laplace's equations, electric current,
Biot-Savart's law, H field, Ampere's law, magnetic materials, force and torque, resistors, capacitors, and
(2.0 weeks)
Dynamics. Field quantities, Faraday's law, curl H, Maxwell's equations, boundary conditions, potential
and wave functions, time-harmonic fields.
(2.0 weeks)
Plane Waves. Undamped uniform plane waves, wavelength, phase velocity, power density, Poynting's
theorem, wave impedance, Poynting's theorem, uniform damped plane waves, reflection (normal incidence
(2.0 weeks)
Transmission Lines. Parallel plane wave guide, general lossless line, equivalent circuit, V-I Solutions for
the lossless line, VSWR, impedance definitions, matching, pulses on a lossless line.
(2.5 weeks)
Wave Guides. Characteristics of guided waves expressed in terms of parallel-plate and rectangular wave
guide; resonators.
(2. weeks)
Radiation and Antennas. Radiation from elemental dipole, antenna terminology, linear arrays.
(2. weeks)
Instructor: Prof. Barry E. Spielman
Phone: 314-935-6162; Fax: 314-935-3248; Email: [email protected]
Office: Bryan 221 (By appointment )
Help sessions: TBA
Lectures to be held in: Lopata 101
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