Scope and Sequence IB Physics

IB© Physics
Scope and Sequence
Master Objective (Unit) and Benchmarks
 Nature of Science: Apply the scientific processes, tools, and techniques in solving
scientific problems in Physics. (~1 week)
o 1-1: Apply the scientific process by formulating a testable question and
explanation, and selecting appropriate investigative methods. (Ongoing)
o 1-2: Distinguish between and analyze qualitative and quantitative data using
appropriate scientific tools. (Ongoing)
 Newtonian Mechanics: Recognize the factors that affect the kinematics and
dynamics of linear and circular motion. (~5 weeks)
o 2-1: Apply Newton's Laws of Motion and kinematic equations to solve real
problems (linear/2D motion, gravitation, circular motion, and simple
harmonic motion).
o 2-2: Apply the Law of Conservation of Momentum and Energy to real
 Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Physics: Recognize the factors that affect the behavior
of various states of matter. (~1 week)
o 3-1: Recognize the principles that govern the behavior of fluids.
o 3-2: Apply the laws of thermodynamics to explain heat transfer.
 Electromagnetism: Recognize the laws that govern the interaction of electrical and
magnetic forces. (~18 weeks)
o 4-1: Apply the laws of electrostatics to real problems.
o 4-2: Analyze direct current circuitry.
o 4-3: Apply the principles of moving charges to explain electromagnetic
 Waves and Optics: Apply dynamics to explain the behavior of waves.
o 5-1: Utilize various characteristics of a wave to explain wave interactions.
(~7 weeks)
o 5-2: Apply wave concepts to sound and light.
 Atomic and Nuclear Physics: Justify E=mc2.
o 6-1: Apply quantum theory to explain the interaction of photons and
electrons. (~7 weeks)
o 6-2: Apply the mass-energy theorem to nuclear reactions.
 Energy, power and climate change: relate energy and power how humans use it and
how this affects the planet. (~5 weeks)
o 7-1: Apply thermodynamics to energy and power production in the world.
o 7-2: Discuss various theories involved with global warming and the
greenhouse effect.