Frankenstein Wiki Assignment 1

Frankenstein Assignment Letters 1-4 and Chapters 1-24
Scholars approach Mary Shelley’s novel from different perspectives. The essay you will
read combines a variety of literary interpretations of the novel. You will read,
summarize, and critique the section of the essay I assign to you. You will share your
summary and critique with a group of three other students in an online posting as well as
respond to your peers’ postings. You will write a reflection of how the reading of the
literary criticism has changed your interpretation of the novel.
Go to to access the essay.
*Read, summarize, and critique the section of the essay assigned to you. Your summary
should include the following:
 Main points of the section
 The critics evidence to support his/her arguments
 Your critic of the points in the assigned section
*Post your summary and critique on our Wiki. Include a response to two other students’
postings. (at least a half page of writing) I encourage you to respond to students outside
your group as well.
Examples: The point about________surprised/intrigued/challenged, etc. me because…
I agree/disagree with ________________because…
*Synthesize the information you gained from the article and the postings by writing a
one-page reflection. Go to and submit this reflection.