Logical Fallacies Jigsaw

Logical Fallacies Jigsaw
Complete the chart by adding a definition and example of each fallacy as your teacher directs. Provide intext and reference citations
for any source you use. Use at least two sources in addition to your textbook (see http://word-crafter.net/CompII/assignments.html).
Anecdotal Fallacy
also called Hasty Generalization or
Jumping to Conclusions
Mistaking Time for Cause and Effect
also called Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc,
False Cause, Questionable Cause,
Confusing Coincidental Relationships
With Causes
False Authority
also known as Appeal to Misleading
Slippery Slope
also called the Camel’s Nose
Either-Or Dilemma
also called False Dilemma, Either-Or
Fallacy, or Black-and-White Fallacy
Circular Reasoning
also called Begging the Question
Ad Hominem
also called Fallacy of Personal Attack