Room 30 News

Room 44 News
September 26, 2010
Mrs. Ceko
Please help:
A parent volunteer has taken on
the responsibility of creating the
annual scarecrow with the
students. We are in need of small
donations of Michael’s gift cards
so that materials can be
purchased. Hopefully we can get
something together by
Wednesday, September 28.
Also, the theme of our room
basket for the carnival auction will
be “Wine Tasting”. I will send
more information in the
Wednesday envelope, but start
thinking of something you may
possibly be able to donate.
Examples include: wine, wine
glasses wine glass charms, wine
bottle chiller, cocktail napkins,
etc. I will need an estimated value
of what you send in for the
inventory list.
“Splash Lab” is visiting LCM
because of a grant I wrote
through Vallecitos Water District.
They will service all fifth grade
classes. The focus is “Water on
Earth” and hits many of our
science standards. I need ONE
more volunteer to help with our
class on Monday, September 26
from 9:50 – 11:00am. ***Those of
you who offered to help “on
occasion,” please check your
calendar and consider this please.
[email protected]
760-290-2121 ext: 3144
Language Arts:
Many students still need to
master writing responses to
comprehension questions using a 3
point response. This includes:
1.Using words from the question
to start our answer. 2. Using
evidence from the story to
support our answer. 3. Writing a
complete thought using proper
Skills of the week: Sequencing will
be the focus of our new story,
“Volcanoes.” We will also focus on
the root words, “struct” meaning
to build, and “rupt” meaning to
break. Categorize and classify are
also focus sills for this story.
There will be a spelling list for the
We will begin the most difficult
chapter of the entire year, on
Monday. I have pre-assessed many
advanced students who tested out
of specific lessons, but none who
were 80% or higher for the entire
chapter. Please do a quick check
in with them for clarification. Our
main objectives are to turn
decimals into fractions and mixed
numbers, and vice-versa, and to
order them (skill to be taught on
Monday). Examples would include
turning these into
fractions/mixed numbers:
0.67 , 0.3 , and 2.89 or turn
these fractions into decimals: 4 ½
, 3/8 , and 2 ¾ . Students will
also have to order fractions and
decimals from least to greatest,
or greatest to least.
Social Studies:
We are currently learning about
more Native American groups that
were living in North America prior
to European explorers. . We have
learned about the Hopi, Navajo,
groups in the Pacific Northwest,
the Eastern Woodlands, and will
finish up with the Artic People
tomorrow. It is important to learn
how each group was able to use
their natural resources to survive
in their regions.
We completed out “Weather”
chapter and will test on Thursday.
We will take some more time and
learn about weather maps, and
create our own. Main objectives
are: air pressure is greater closer
to the earth’s surface because of
gravity. We also learned about the
many “tools” used to measure and
predict weather.