Jeopardy Review Game

Final Exam Review Game:
Unit 1: Wellness/Safety Unit
Day 1 Questions:
1. What age is measured simply from a person’s date of birth?
Chronological age
2. What term is defined as the optimal or maximal level of health?
3. Age influenced by adequate sleep, not smoking, physical activity
(Physiological Age-Estimated age from body’s health)
4. What are the 3 leading causes of death for ages 15-24?
(Accidents, Homicide, Suicide)
5. Which type of rape is the most common?
(Date/Acquaintance Rape)
6. If someone is raped, which of the following should be done ?
Seek medical attention right away
Day 2 Questions:
1. What is optimal health, the top range of health states referred to as?
2. Age measured from a person’s date of birth.
(Chronological age)
3. The force that moves people to act.
4. What is the #1 cause of accidental deaths all ages?
(Motor vehicle accidents)
5. An attack on a person with intent to do harm is
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini
Unit 2: First Aid/CPR Unit
Day 1 Questions:
1. What are the 3 C’s in first aid?
(Check, Call, Care)
2. What is an example of a life threatening injury?
(No pulse, severe bleeding, not breathing)
3. How may you decrease the risk of Gastric distention from occurring?
(Limit ventilation volume)
4. When providing care for a conscious choking adult you rotate between 5
______________ and 5 ______________.
(Abdominal thrusts, Back blows)
5. What does R.I.C.E. stand for?
(Rest, Immobilize, Cold, Elevate)
Day 2 Questions:
1. What laws purpose is to minimize fear of legal consequences related to 1st
(Good Samaritan Law)
2. What is the principal method for opening an airway?
(Head-Tilt, Chin-Lift)
3. When clearing a conscious choking obstruction, chest thrusts are only
performed on these 2 types of people.
(Obese, Pregnant)
4. What is the rate of chest compressions during CPR and how many do you
(100 per minute, 30 compressions)
5. What is the best treatment for shock?
(Lie victim down, elevate legs, and cover lightly)
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini
Unit 3: Alcohol Unit
Day 1 Questions:
1. True/False: Alcohol is a stimulant?
2. What is the active drug in wine, beer, liquor?
(Ethyl Alcohol)
3. What does BAC stand for?
(Blood Alcohol Concentration)
4. What is the #1 disease linked with long term alcohol use?
(Cirrhosis of the liver)
5. What are 2 signs of alcohol poisoning?
(Unconscious, can’t be woken, breathing slowly, vomiting while
passed out)
Day 2 Questions:
1. Who controls the sale of alcohol in PA?
(Liquor Control Board)
2. What is a period of time forgotten following alcohol abuse?
(Black out)
3. What is the legal BAC level of a person 21 years old and older to begin at?
(0.08 BAC)
4. What is a specific example of 1 drink?
(12 oz. of beer, 1 oz. of 100 proof, 3-5 oz. of wine, 1 ¼ oz. of 80
5. What is binge drinking?
(Consumption of large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini
Unit 4: Tobacco Unit
Day 1 Questions:
1. Filters trap very little ________ and _____________ in tobacco smoke.
(Tar, Nicotine)
2. At what age can you purchase tobacco products?
(18 years old)
3. This starves the brain and heart of oxygen because when inhaling this, it
takes oxygen’s place in the blood.
(Carbon Monoxide)
4. Disease causes over inflation of the alveoli, air sacs in the lungs, which
burst and make it difficult to breathe.
5. White, leathery sores in the mouth caused by use of smokeless tobacco
that can lead to cancer.
Day 2 Questions:
1. Tobacco companies can not advertise their products where?
(TV or Radio)
2. What chemical causes addiction, is a stimulant, and constricts blood
3. Disease characterized by infected airways leading to the lungs.
(Chronic Bronchitis)
4. Smoke that is inhaled then exhaled by a smoker
5. This is the most dangerous type of environmental tobacco smoke.
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini
Unit 5: Drug Unit
Day 1 Questions:
1. What is the active drug found in OTC diet pills?
2. Taking a drug too frequently, longer than directed, and higher doses than
recommended are examples of
(Drug Misuse)
3. When a person suffers because they physically need a drug, but they
don’t have it in their body, what are they experiencing?
4. This drug category is used to treat hyperactive children (ADHD).
5. Sudden withdrawal from this sedative may cause medical emergency or
even death because of the severe withdrawal symptoms.
(Barbiturates- Tranquilizers)
Day 2 Questions:
1. What drug is linked with Reye’s Syndrome?
2. Strong desire to continue using a drug or strong craving to continue use is
______________ dependence.
3. Taking an illegal drug or taking a legal drug for reasons in which it is not
(Drug Abuse)
4. This drug category reduces pain and slows down the central nervous
5. Regular users of this drug may require less of it to get high.
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini
Unit 6: Lifestyle Disease Unit
Day 1 Questions:
1. Mixture of fatty deposits with minerals that build up on artery walls.
2. When the heart does not get the oxygen that it needs and some of the
heart tissue can die.
(Heart attack)
3. A floating (moving) blood clot is an
4. This type of lipoproteins are good cholesterol which carries excess
cholesterol to be disposed of is
5. Name three of the seven Warning Signs of Cancer (CAUTION)
(Change in bowels, A sore that doesn’t heal, Unusual bleeding,
Thickening or a lump, Indigestion or difficulty swallowing, Obvious
change in a wart or mole, Nagging cough)
Day 2 Questions:
1. What is a good cholesterol number?
(Under 200)
2. Build up of plaque on the inner walls of the arteries is
3. When a blood vessel weakens and balloons out
4. Difference between Benign and Malignant tumors?
(Benign- do not spread, not cancerous; Malignant-cancerous
tumors, can spread)
5. Name two types of treatment for cancer.
(Radiation Therapy, Surgery, Anti-Cancer Drugs-Chemotherapy)
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini
Unit 7: Nutrition Unit
Day 1 Questions:
1. Essential nutrient involved with all body processes.
2. The most unhealthy type of fat.
3. Substance that protects cells from being damaged by oxidation.
4. When a person is over 20% than desired body weight, he/she is
5. Name three dietary guidelines.
(Eat a variety of food, balance what you eat with physical activity,
choose a diet low in saturated fats/sugar/sodium, eat a diet high in
fiber- vegetables/fruits)
Day 2 Questions:
1. What is the most unhealthy way to prepare foods?
2. Person that starves himself/herself suffers from
(Anorexia Nervosa)
3. Person who binges and purges suffers from
4. The rate at which food is converted to energy in body cells.
5. What are 2 differences between the old and new Food Guide Pyramid?
(All meats do not have the same nutritional value, all breads do not
have the same nutritional value, some oils can be healthy)
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini
Unit 8: Communicable Disease/STD Unit
Day 1 Questions:
1. What is the smallest disease causing pathogen?
2. HIV attacks what kind of cells?
3. This is a type of immunity that a baby receives from antibodies in the
mothers blood.
(Inborn Immunity)
4. Genital warts and increased risk of ovarian/cervical cancer in females is
linked with
5. A chancre that may appear in the genital area
(Spirochete bacteria-Syphilis)
Day 2 Questions:
1. These are microbes or germs that can cause a communicable disease.
2. Which cells make antibodies?
3. Caused by the gonococcus bacteria and is the 2nd most common STD.
4. STD whose symptoms are often confused with Gonorrhea.
5. Blisters forming around the genitals or mouth.
Final Exam Review Game: Jeopardy, Martini