Staff Performance Appraisal and Professional Development Record


Staff Performance Appraisal and Professional Development Record

Staff may sometimes feel threatened by performance appraisal processes, and it is therefore beneficial to adopt a system for performance review that focuses on opportunities for further professional development. Staff members can complete this sample template themselves, identifying the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to undertake their duties proficiently, and rating themselves on their present level of competence against each ar ea (using the √ box). Where they feel further knowledge would be of benefit, they identify professional development goals. This is then discussed with the supervisor, necessary amendments jointly negotiated, and timelines established for the goals to be achieved over the next twelve months. Once educational goals have been met, a date is entered in the

Targets met column by the supervisor and staff member, and a joint assessment made of the new competency level.

It will assist you to evidence practice against service standard indicators 10.1, 10.2.

Assessment codes

NC = Not competent

C = Competent

HC = Highly competent

Duties from position description

Skills, knowledge and competencies needed

NC C HC Goals Targets met