Dear Parents, Here is the second installment of snow day activities

Dear Parents,
Here is the second installment of snow day activities. Students can print off these activities and
complete them while they are home.
Return the completed work to me the next school day.
These are practice activities and ARE NOT REQUIRED. I just wanted to provide some things to
keep them engaged in case they are getting “bored”.
Students may type their spelling words for practice and e-mail them to me at
[email protected]
Students may also write about their time off and send it to me at the above address. I
will respond to the work they send me on-line.
Have students read, read, read any books you have at home, the newspaper (with your help)
or any other print material in your home. This is also an excellent time for you to read to
them from some of those old favorites that you have around the house
Below are some links to worksheets that will review some of the skills we have been working
on in class. Print them off, complete them and then return them to school in their red
folder. (this sight is interactive; please work on money
If you have any questions, please contact me at my
e-mail address or at home (367-9777)