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: 03-11-08, id: 1521759
Author has written 1 story for Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
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1. Suite life of Zack and Cody reviews
Zack and Cody want to go to China with London but their mom wouldn't let them so the snuck
away on to the plane.
Suite Life of Zack and Cody - Fiction Rated: K+ - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words:
765 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 3-27-08 - Published: 3-27-08
Reviews For: Suite life of Zack and Cody
ch 1,
abuse Zach and Cody wanted to go with London to China. I liked
when their mom said that they didn't have the money to go to
China because she kind of stated the obvious. There were some
spelling mistakes so i would change those. What made you write
about Zach and Cody?
abuse Good story. Great storyline for what its about. I would
ch 1,
work on it a little more. over all good though keep up the good
abuse London is going to go visit her mom for the first time. I like
ch 1,
ch 1,
how London's security wants Zack and Cody to help him with her
stuff. If I were you I would try to make it more funny and have
her say ditzy things like she normally does. What are you going to
do with the end of the story are you going to just leave it or write
another chapter to it when they are actually visiting her mother.
abuse it was good but some parts was weird and it didn't fit.
so yeah its still good though.
Suite Life of Zack and Cody New Series
This story is a bout these two twins boys name Zack he is the oldest one and Cody the
younger one. They live in the Tipton hotel, the new series of the suites life of Zack and Cody.
This series is about the two boys wanting to go with London to China
They are very angry since everyone is going to be going out of town but the two of them.
Ding!! Dong!! As the bell rang for them to leave home, “Cody is you going anywhere during
summer vacation?” said, Max,
“Umm….? I don’t really know yet,” said, Cody, “Got to go so latter’s Max.” Said, Cody
Zack and Cody were walking to the Tipton Hotel they over heard. London and Mandyhaving
thier girl talks. About London’s visiting her mother so Zack thought of asking her about it.
“Hi London so I heard that you’re visiting you are going to visit your mother”? “Is it true”?
Said Zack
“Yeah I’m going to visit my mother and I can take a few people along to.” said, London While
she play with her long black hair.
“Oh really” “Where does she lived”? “Can we tag along to”? Said Zack
“Umm I’m not really sure I think my dad said she live some where in China.” “Will if you want
to come, a long then you better talks your mom to let you go.” Said, London
Suddenly all you see was to twin rabbit leaping across the hotel hall and up the stair.
“Hey mom can we spend our summer”. Said both of the twins
“No”. As their mom cut them two off, “I Know you want to travel to China with London but you
can’t it only a family visit.” Said, Carey
“Please pretty please we will do any thing.” Said, Zack
“Yeah plus we don’t have any thing to do over the summer too” Said Cody
“But you don’t have the money and plus where you go if you get there you can’t even speak
Chinese” “It mean for the two of you to us London like that so you get to travel”. Said Carey
As she curls her short red hair, rushing to prepare herself in her ruby dress, for the Tipton
hotel summer break opening party. The boys sat on the coach with upset face and pouch their
lips. They knew that they couldn’t convents her anymore then they did. Carey left the room,
as the door close behind her the two of them discussing how they should defend themselves.
As the foot step of Carey high heels clap down to the elevator.
Ring!! Ring!!
“Cody picks up the phone.” “Hurry up slow poke.” Said, Zack
“Hello.” “Who this”? Said, Cody
“Is this London Tipton personal security guard room”? “Will I was wondering if I can get you
two to come down and help me with her stuff.” As a young lady asked Cody.
“Give me one second”? “Zack their calling for London personal security guard,” Said Cody
“Umm give the phone to me.” “Hello this is London personal guard.” Said, Zack
With a giggle at the end covering his mouth so she can’t tell and Cody listen on the other
phone silent a spy.
“Hello Mr. Bobby when are you able to come and help us with the louse.” Said the lady
“Umm where will it been and what time”? Said Zack
“How about right now in the back of Tipton special guess area.” “Okay bye and thank for your
time.” Said the lady
Zack tumble to his room and got his clothing on ran out wildly try to look like a security guard.
Cody stood there frozen as a stone just watching Zack run around the whole house looking for
thing. All a suddenly Cody walk into his room a lock the door. A few moment later, coming out
like a stranger to Zack.
“Who are you and what you are doing in my house”? Said Zack
“You can call me Mr.Bobby or Mr. Cody cone yeah.” Said Cody
“Oh really you better give me that or I while rip you apart.” Said Zack
“Okay here another one put I going to come along too” “Are you fine with that”? Said Cody
“In one condition you have to be Mr. Tim.” Said Zack
They got so dress up you couldn’t even recognize either one of them. As they pack their
stuff for the trip. Each one of them brought some little snack. On the way to that area
Zack force Cody to carry both their stuff. They didn’t look that much different but they
act like as if they were short fort their age. Looking threw the window they could see all
London elephants luggage.
“I have a bad feeling about this Zack.” Said, Cody
“ Oh stop being a baby.” Said, Zack
They have aboard the Plane