Discovery Profile
Profile Part II
Participant’s Name: Brandon Hubbard
Julia Barol
November 4, 2014
1.Participant and Family
a. Brief summary based on Intake Interview: Brandon is a 16-year-old young man who
lives with his mother in the West Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia where he has lived
most of his life. His father lives about an hour away and Brandon sees him infrequently.
Brandon is in the 10th grade at the Hill Freedman World Academy public school in Philadelphia.
Mom says that Brandon is an easy-going teenager. His Mom works at the Arc of Philadelphia
as an adult advocate. She wants Brandon to work in the community once he graduates from
b. Description of typical routines: School has just started. Routine is as follows: Brandon
comes home from school and he and his Mom go through his homework that is due. After
school work is finished and he has some free time it is usually spent on computer related or
music related interests. He is signed up for an after school program but Mom is looking for
something that she feels is more age appropriate. He goes to bed at 8:30 and has a full routine
which includes care of his stoma. His Mom says that he is able to care for his stoma himself.
Sometimes he forgets to finish the process of cleaning and Mom says she must prompt him.
School is close enough to walk to but there is a large intersection on the way so when he walks
mom goes with. Brandon sets his alarm clock and gets up at 6:15 am to get ready for school. On
weekends he doesn’t set the alarm and is usually up by 7am. Brandon is a coordinated dresser;
he takes pride in his appearance.
c. Family (or staff, as appropriate) supports: Mom is Brandon’s primary caretaker and is
responsible for getting him to school and other events that he participates in. Mom will wake
him up on weekends if he, on the odd occasion, has slept in until 8am. Brandon relies on his
Mom to drive him or occasionally walk with him to school and pick him up from after school
activities to bring him home. She is also responsible for food. Brandon also has an
occupational therapist who will work with him on community-based activities on the weekend.
Such activities would include going to the library or donut shop so that Brandon can build skills
necessary to be self-sufficient.
d. Family (Staff) and Personal Responsibilities: Mom works full time during the day on a
Monday to Friday schedule while Brandon is at school. Brandon goes to an after school
program at a church until Mom is available to meet him and bring him home.
e. Physical and health related issues: Brandon is allergic to sulpha-based medication and
has latex precautions and while he isn’t allergic to latex he needs to limit his exposure.
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2. Educational Experiences
a. Overall Educational Experiences: For the majority of Brandon’s educational experience
he has been in a self-contained classroom with other students with autism. Brandon has been
included with peers in English and Reading and does quite well in these subjects. The school
that Brandon is currently attending is a newly expanded school. Last year was the first year
they had a ninth grade class and this is the first year where they have a tenth grade class. It is
a small school which affords him the opportunity to have individualized instruction which
has helped him immensely.
b. Academic Programming: Brandon has been in a support classroom for most classes. He
has excelled in Reading and Science. The classes provide a functional education in almost
all areas of study. Brandon knows days and time. He has understanding that money has a
purpose but does not, currently, have any desire to have money.
c. Community/Recreation Programming: Brandon is not participating in school centered
after school activities as the grade is new this year and sports have not yet been
introduced to the high school population. He used to play soccer but this year has
decided that he is not interested in continuing with the sport. He prefers to spend his
free time on YouTube watching music videos.
d. Vocational Experiences and Programming: Brandon has done some office filing and
mail delivery at the school as a part of vocational experience class. Mom says he has a
great sense of direction. Brandon, in his after school program, helps with the local food
bank. He get the bags and fills them with appropriate food and stocks the bags on the
shelves for pick up with light prompting.
3. Employment and Related Activity
a. Informal work performed at home and for others: Tuesday is trash day and Brandon
takes household trash out on Monday nights. He will empty the dishwasher and put
dishes away in the appropriate places. He needs prompting to do the task initially but
puts dishes away without further prompting. Brandon is expected to make his bed and
straighten his room. Brandon helps with the laundry. He loads the washer with his
clothes. He needs prompting to set the washer. All laundry is done in cold water.
Brandon folds the laundry and puts away his clothes. Brandon prepares food such as
sandwiches. He will take food out of the refrigerator to prepare but does not use the
gas stove. Mom says it is her reluctance to give him more involved tasks related to the
stove rather than his ability to follow through on cooking ventures.
b. Formal chores and responsibilities: Brandon takes the trash out weekly, he puts the
dishes in the dishwasher and puts clean dishes away. He makes his bed. All of these
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chores are done independently. He does his laundry but Mom needs to prompt him
occasionally. Mom always prompts for putting the correct amount of detergent in.
c. Entrepreneurial activities: none as of yet
d. Internships, structured work experiences, sheltered work, volunteering: None as of yet.
e. Wage employment: none as of yet
f. General areas of previous work interest: none as of yet
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4. Life Activities and Experiences
a. Friends and social group(s): Brandon is an only child and there are few children his age in
his neighborhood. Mom says that it does not appear to bother him that he doesn't have many
friends. Mom recounted that recently he was very engaged in a game of ball for the better
part of an hour, which was new to her. If there were more natural opportunities mom feels
that engagement would grow.
b. Personal activities, including hobbies, performed at home:
Brandon especially likes to build with mag formers and a smaller magnet electro set and he
can spend hours focusing on this activity. He enjoys cooking with Mom and watching
YouTube music videos.
c. Family/friend activities, including hobbies, performed at home: Mom says that
Brandon enjoys cooking and is a good sous chef. Brandon agrees that he like to cook.
d. Personal activities, including hobbies, performed in the community: Brandon takes
piano, drums and guitar lessons in a therapeutic arts program one afternoon a week.
He will be taking a Saturday morning art education class later in the fall. Brandon used
to play soccer in a Sunday league but he has not asked for it this year. Mom has decided
that this year she is going to let Brandon take the lead on activities after school and on
the weekends. She limits time on the computer.
e. Family/friend activities, including hobbies, performed in the community: Brandon will
go with family to community events through out the year. Generally, these events are
mom and son events.
a. Specific events and activities that are of critical importance: There are no specific
events or activities that are of critical importance to Brandon
5. Description of Skills, Interests and Conditions in Life Activities
a. Domestic/Home skills: Brandon likes to measure food stuffs for recipes. He helps his
mother prepare dinner often. He is also very neat and orderly in mostly everything he
does. He loads the dishwasher and puts away the dishes. Brandon sorts his clothes for
washing, places them in the machine and puts in detergent and sets the machine to the
appropriate cycle to wash. He transfers clothes to the dryer and puts in a fabric softener
sheet and turns the dryer on. He folds his laundry with occasional prompts and puts his
clothes away.
b. Community participation skills: Brandon is engaging and personable when out in the
community. His mom says he enjoys activities with a plan. For example, recently, he and
his mother went to a rally near to their neighborhood. Brandon was excited to attend
and when they headed out that day, it was for the sole purpose of attending the rally.
Brandon also recently needed to buy a new winter coat and with that goal in mind
headed out with his mother to purchase one. He very quickly identified the coat that he
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c. Recreation/leisure skills: Brandon shops in the community. In an observed trip into the
community, he was very attracted to placing items in the store in order. We went shopping
for a winter coat and Brandon identified the coat he wanted immediately and proceeded to
pick up merchandise from the floor and rehang it. He also spaced hangers evenly on the rack.
He says that the grocery store is a favorite store to go to.
When Brandon is allowed time on the computer he turns the machine on and navigates to
the Internet. There he types in YouTube and search for what he wants to watch in music
videos. He watches videos in Italian and will sing along quietly as they play.
d. Academic skills: Brandon reads graphic novels and is a visual learner so that when books
have pictures he is very attracted to them. He has an eye for detail and completes puzzles
where he looks to find missing item or changed part of the picture. Brandon builds structures
in science class utilizing small wooden sticks to replicate bridge structures with trusses. He
excels in spacial placement of objects focuses in on appropriate placement by size and
e. Physical fitness skills: Brandon is tall and has an athletic build. He participate in tennis
with both a partner and against a wall; he hits a baseball with a bat with accuracy and has
good hand eye coordination. Brandon is healthy and in good shape. Brandon is prone to
latex allergies.
f. Arts and Talents: Brandon has participated in music and art classes for many years. This
year he is participating in both outside of school. He sings songs in tune. He plays the drums
and piano.
g. Communication skills: Brandon is a quiet young man. He responds to questions when
asked. He is a young man of few words. He asks for what he needs.
h. Social interaction skills: Brandon interacts with others when prompted but prefers to do
things on his own. He is very polite—His mom describes Brandon as happy in his own
skin and readily goes with the flow.
i. Mobility skills: He relies on Mom taking him where he needs to be. Mom says that she
doesn’t feel that he is aware of his surroundings all the time and they live near large street
with heavy traffic.
j. Sensory skills: (sight, hearing, smell, touch) – when things are really loud Brandon will
cover his ears as he is sensitive to very loud sounds. He has excellent hearing and
vision and is a tactile learner.
k. Vocational skills: Brandon is orderly and neat and spends time organizing items. He likes
to alphabetize and organize. He folds clothes when doing laundry. Brandon knows basic
tools for carpentry and has helped to measure. He takes direction well and is will bring all
identified tools to the carpenter when needed. He does the same in the kitchen when cooking
with his mother with both tools and food.
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6. Connections for Employment
a. Potential connectors in family (or staff, as appropriate): Brandon has a very small family
circle. Mom comes from a small family and Dad is not involved. Mom has connections
professionally (see below).
b. Potential connectors among friends/neighbors and work colleagues: Mom works in the
disability community and has good social capital in the field. As an advocate with the Arc, she
has developed many relationships with adult service providers and community partners that can
be potential connections for internship/employment opportunities.
c. Potential connection sites in community relationships: There are a few stores in the
neighborhood that could be potential community connections for Brandon. He is not known in
any by name but is a familiar face to many.
d. Potential connections through clubs, organizations, or groups (such as church or
school): Brandon has been involved in the food pantry at a nearby Church where he goes to
the afterschool program. The Church could be a potential internship location as it relates to the
community work that they perform.
e. List of local employers (determined by proximity, relationships, interest areas, etc.):
Within a mile there is the Cheltenham mall which has many stores to explore. While
Brandon doesn’t take public transportation by himself currently, there is a bus that will take him
directly to the mall that he could learn to take. Stores at the mall include:
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(215) 884-4101
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(215) 481-0771
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American Signature Furniture
America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses
Anna's Linens
Auntie Anne's
Bob Jackson Photography
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(215) 881-9880
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Cart 7
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Burlington Coat Factory
Cell Phone Accessories
Chick Fil-A
Pad Site
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Chili's Grill & Bar
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Dental Solutions
DSW Shoes
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(215) 517-8442
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Exhibit Jewelers
(215) 884-5952
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Foot Locker
(215) 885-6371
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Game Box Group, Inc.
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General Nutrition Center
(215) 572-9860
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Home Depot
(215) 881-9600
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Jimmy Jazz
(215) 887-0513
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(215) 886-1889
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(215) 887-5808
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Kenny's Hallmark
Kid's Foot Locker
Metro PCS
(866) 333-4465
596 A
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(215) 885-8990
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Midas Muffler
Mrs. Fields (TCBY)
(215) 887-1250
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Omega Optical
(215) 885-1200
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Passions Hair Salon
(215) 886-3051
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Payless Shoe Source
(215) 885-5104
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Philadelphia Vision Center
(215) 885-8500
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Police & Fire FCU
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R & A Works
(215) 887-6618
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Radio Shack
(215) 885-4550
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Rainbow Plus
(215) 576-5619
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(215) 884-2466
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(215) 887-1900
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(215) 887-7300
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(215) 887-3616
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Sans Appelle, Inc.
Shoprite Supermarket
Super Dollar City
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(215) 885-0571
# 595A
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TD Bank
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(215) 884-0492
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Underground by Journeys
U-Time Fashions
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Wells Fargo Bank
(215) 887-8427
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