February 5, 2014 Dear Parents, RE

St. Joseph-Marquette Catholic School
February 5, 2014
Dear Parents,
Every family received the new 2014/2015 Promissory Note and a cover letter with last week’s
Wednesday Letter. Now is the time to complete the re-registration process. Simply fill out
the Promissory Note and return it and the appropriate registration fee to Vicki in the
Marquette office or with your Wednesday Folder. Please note; if you have a new student
starting at St. Joe’s, you will need to see Vicki to get a new registration form for that child.
Parents with children currently in Pre-K, Kinder, 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades, you need to be
aware that these grades are at or near capacity. With this in mind, and the fact that we will
begin accepting new families on Tuesday, February 18th, it is possible that your child could lose
their spot. Our Open House was well attended and we have many new families who are looking
to register for the 2014/15 school year.
PLEASE NOTE: tuition accounts must be current to re-register.
SUPPORTING OUR SCHOOL: If you shop at Fred Meyer you have a great opportunity to support our school.
Fred Meyer is kicking of a program in which a percent of your purchases will be sent to our school in the
form of a ‘rewards check’ four times a year. Members can search “Community Rewards – Fred Meyer” click
on the LINK YOUR REWARDS CARD NOW button and follow the prompts. If you do not have a Rewards
Card, you can sign up for one at the Customer Service Desk at Fred Meyer then link your card as above.
What an awesome event! Everybody had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Marlo and
Mike McCrea (our event chairs) for their incredible dedication to this event. We truly appreciate all
their work in making this event such a huge success. I would also like to acknowledge all of the parent
volunteers for their hard work –this event doesn’t happen without their dedication and hard work!
Great job to all those who were involved!
DRESSING FOR THE WEATHER: The teachers are noticing more and more students who are ‘freezing’ when
at recess. The general consensus from the playground supervisors is that the children are not dressed for
the weather. Please take care to ensure your children are wearing/bringing their warm coats, hats, gloves,
etc. to school. Thank you.
CAPITOL KIDS SPONSORS: We are seeking classroom/student sponsors for our Kindergarten
and 3rd grade students so they can attend the March 10th live performance of Stuart Little at the
Capitol Theatre. Sponsors may cover the cost of an individual student to a whole class. Tickets
are $5 per child. Please contact Mr. Pleger if you would like to be a sponsor. Thank you for your
generosity and support.
Mrs. Griffin’s Kinder class - $ 115 Covered Mrs. Thompson’s Kinder class - $ 115
Ms. Martinez’s 3rd grade class - $ 90Covered Miss Dollowitch’s 3rd grade class - $85 $35
LEAVE ONE/TAKE ONE BOOK PROGRAM: Just a quick reminder that this program is up and running. There are
grade level appropriate books in each of the building book cabinets. Students are welcome to open the cabinets to
borrow a book or to drop one off for another student to read. I hope your children can select a great book to read.
PIZZA SALE: On Thursday, February 13th, the 8th grade class is hosting a pizza sale for students
in grades 4 to 8. Students will receive 3 slices of pizza, fruit, dessert, and juice for only $4.
All proceeds support the 8th grade trip to Camp Dudley in May.
Students may begin placing their orders with their teachers on Monday the 10th.
PIANO LESSON OPENINGS: We have two openings for piano lessons during the school day. There is a
$20.00 registration fee, $35.00 book fee, and the lessons are $65.00 per month. Please contact Mr. Pleger,
if you are interested.
KOSTKA CLUB: The following students are scheduled to be present and participate in the 9:00 Mass on the 12th at
St. Joseph Church: Lilly Wixson, Matthew Zamora, Aliza Prieto, Brittanie Bie, Krysten and Rebekah Spry.
Please arrive no later than 8:45. Thanks.
For Lillyanna (7AD) and Paikea (4A) Keliihananui and their family as they mourn the passing of their
Grandfather, Ted Strom.
In thanksgiving for those who have welcomed new children to their families.
For those in our school community who are fighting illnesses.
Wednesday the 5th
Friday the 7th
Friday the 14th
Monday the 17th
Thursday the 20th
Parent Board meeting – 7:00 p.m. in the Marquette library
SCHOOL LITURGY at 8:40 a.m. in the church
Raffle Incentive: 450+ tickets – Bowling Party at Minda Lanes – 12:30 to 2:30
SCHOOL LITURGY at 8:40 a.m. in the church
Early Release – 11:25 a.m.
Class Pictures & Personality Portraits
School Board meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the Marquette Library