The Yellow Wallpaper Psychological Analysis

The Yellow Wallpaper Psychological Analysis—50 points
Arizona State Standards: Writing application-Concept 2: Expository- includes
non-fiction writing that describes , explains, or summarizes ideas and content.
The writing supports a thesis based on research, observation, and/or experience.
Writing applications-Concept 3: Functional-provides specific directions or
information related to real world tasks. Writing applications-Concept 4:
Persuasive-used for the purpose of influencing the reader. The author presents
an issue and expresses an opinion in order to convince an audience to agree
with the opinion or to take a particular action.
Task: You are a psychologist. Based on the patient’s journal,
interviews with family members, and interviews with the patient
herself, you are to write a psychological evaluation of the narrator in
“The Yellow Wallpaper.” Your profile will be presented to the
patient’s family.
The profile must include the following components:
Psychological Analysis (this is your title)
- Your assessment of her character, including her background
and current family and living situation. This section should be
at least 4-5 sentences.
- A determination as to whether or not the patient is suffering
from a psychological disorder. If she is, first identify which
one/s, then list the typical symptoms or manifestations. Finally,
explain why you’ve made the diagnosis, using specific textual
evidence from the woman’s journal, including at least three
quotations, to support your diagnosis.
- Explain, very specifically, what you believe to be the cause/s of
her behavior, using textual evidence.
Treatment options
- Identify treatment options, including the rationale behind the
suggestions. This section should be at least 4-5 sentences.