The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary

The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary
Chapters 1-8
1. Edifice- (noun) a building, one of imposing size or appearance.
2. Congenial- (adj.) having the same tastes, habits.
3. Augured- (noun) to predict, as from signs or omens.
4. Evanescent- (adj.) vanishing or apt to finish.
5. Ignominy- (noun) great personal humiliation or dishonor.
6. Phantasmagoric- (noun) a rapid sequence of rapid images as seen in dreams
7. Inscrutable- (adjective) difficult to comprehend.
8. Ascetic- (noun) one who leads a life of austere self discipline.
9. Repugnance- (noun) extreme dislike or aversion.
10. Delusive- (adjective) tending to mislead or deceive.
Chapters 9-18
1. Heterogeneous- (adj.) originating from a source outside of the body.
2. Emaciated- (adj.) to make thin.
3. Despondent- (adj.) in low spirits.
4. Orthodox- (adj.) adhering to the established and traditional faith.
5. Celibacy-(noun) the state of being unmarried.
6. Diabolic- (adj.) concerning or typical of the devil
7. Groveled- (verb) to behave in a demeaning or servile way
8. Entreaty- (noun) an earnest request
9. Purport- (verb) to have or present the appearance, often false
10. Sedulous- (adj.) diligent or industrious
Chapters 19-24
1. Imperious- (adj.) domineering or over bearing
2. Mollified- (verb) to lessen in intensity
3. Reproachfully- (adj.) to be blamed for something
4. Imperative-( adj.) expressing a plea or command
5. Posterity- (noun) future generations
6. Consternation- (noun) sudden amazement
7. Eminence- (noun) a position of great superiority
8. Boorishly- (adj.) in a rude manner
9. Sanctity- (noun) holiness
10. Reverberating- (verb) to cause to rebound