Board Summary

JULY 7, 2010
Page 1
1. Approved the agenda, as amended adding Hubbard County Council on Aging allocation payment.
2. Approved the minutes of the Board of Appeal & Equalization meeting held on 06/14/10 and the
regular board meeting held on 06/16/10, as presented.
3. Approved payment of $300 allocation, by auditor’s warrant, to the Hubbard County Council on Aging
from the Cultural Development monies, to be used for Senior Program Fair expenses and
authorized commissioner attendance of Senior Citizen Program at the Shell Prairie Ag Association
Fair on Friday, 07/09/10.
4. Approved the payment of the regular bills and the auditor’s warrants dated 06/18/10, 06/25/10,
06/30/10 and 07/02/10, as submitted.
5. Adopted resolution authorizing auditor to apply for HAVA grant monies, as presented.
6. Approved temporary beer license application for Lake George Area Association, Lake George
Township on 07/24/10 for the Blueberry Festival, upon completion of proper paperwork.
7. Approved low bid of R. L. Larson Excavating, St. Cloud, MN for SAP 29-596-02, Main Ave utility and
street improvement in Park Rapids from 11th Street to TH34, in the amount of $4,147,578.55, to be
paid from City of Park Rapids and federal fund monies.
8. Approved low bid of Young Excavating Inc., Hackensack, MN for SAP 29-598-14, 15, & 16, bridge
replacements with box culverts located on CR 118 & CR 97, in the amount of $241,323.44, as
recommended by the County Engineer, to be paid from bridge bonding and county fund monies.
9. Approved low bid of Minnerath Construction, Cold Spring, MN for SAP 29-596-02, grading and
aggregate surfacing on CR 85 from CSAH 2 to TH 34, in the amount of $408,092.64, as
recommended by the County Engineer, to be paid from county monies.
10. Approved state contract bid Frontier Precision, Inc., Bloomington, MN for Land Survey Office
purchase of two Trimble HPB450 12.5 Khz Radios, 34 W Base Radio with antenna, mount cable
and power cable , in the amount of $4,615.39, as recommended by the Tech Committee, to be paid
from Recorders Compliance fund monies.
11. Approved final payment to Mark Sand & Gravel, Fergus Falls, MN for CP 29-10-02,aggregate
surfacing in the amount of $118,714.68.
12. Approved SW purchase of computer and software, as recommended by the Technology Committee
to be paid from designated unallocated monies.
13. Reported Hwy Department, accrued comp time for the second quarter in the amount of 1,200.66
14. Reported Extension LCD Projector purchase authorized 06/02/10, by low quote in the amount of
$542.30 with shipping and tax from B & H Foto, California.
15. Reported purchase of two backup UPS power supplies to replace failing existing units as
authorized 06/02/10, CDWG, Vernon Hills, IL - $2,390.22 plus shipping and handling.
16. Reported purchase of laptop as authorized 06/02/10, from Tiger Direct in the amount of $549 with
free shipping.
JULY 7, 2010
Page 2
17. Approved July 31 for county participation in Jokela Consignment Auction for sale of unused
county equipment and requested Coordinator investigate possibility to name the time of county
vehicle sale in prior advertising.
18. Performance evaluation begun on 06/02/10 continues to be under review.
19. Approved sale of unused Minolta reader-printer to Blue Earth County for $800, as recommended by
the County Recorder.
20. Approved Nationwide ProAccount Plan Sponsor Agreement, as recommended by the Benefit
Committee and authorized the Chair to sign same.
21. Approved the payment of the social services bills, as presented.
22. Approved Recorder’s Office purchase of 1 PC w/Windows 7 and 2 monitors, as recommended by
the Technology Committee, to be paid from the Recorder’s Equipment Technology Fund monies.
23. Accepted the LEC donations, as presented.
24. Approved payment of POST license for Joe Rittgers in the amount of $90, by auditor’s warrant.
25. Adopted Police & Fire Fund resolution for Joe Rittgers, as recommended by the Sheriff.
26. Personnel update: Reported Joe Rittgers named to Supplemental Boat & Water Grant position and
Bill Schlag hired as Part time Road Deputy.
27. Emergency Management Update will be presented at the next meeting.
28. Update regarding recently concluded county litigation provided.
29. Accepted resignation of Michael Plante effective 07/01/10 and approved filling of FT Assistant
County Attorney.
30. Approved purchase of journaling workbooks from the Change Company in the amount of $500 to be
paid from supervision fee revenues within the probation department.
31. NW Juvenile update provided and reported excellent public comments received regarding services
provided by Veteran Service Officer, Greg Remus.
32. Approved forwarding of two ordinance violations (Shoreland and SSTS) to the County Attorney for
review and litigation if necessary.
33. Reported Environmental Services overtime utilization in the amount of 30.25 hours for the first half
of the year.
34. The meeting was adjourned at 10:32 a.m.