Unit 5 STEM Vocabulary - Madison County Schools

Unit 5 STEM Vocabulary
1. Attributes: a quality or feature regarded as a
characteristic or inherent part of someone or something
2. Axis: An imaginary straight line passing through the center
of a symmetrical solid and about which a plane figure can be
conceived as rotating to generate the solid
3. CAD: Computer-Aided Design
4. Dimensions: Cut or shape an object to particular
5. Drafting: To draw the outline or plan of; sketch
6. Engineer: A person who designs builds, or maintains
engines, machines, or public works.
7. Interact: Act in such a way as to have an effect on another
8. Isometric View: Isometric projection is a form of
graphical projection, more specifically, a form of
axonometric projection.
9. Measurement: The size, length, or amount of something, as
established by measuring
10. Monochrome: Consisting of or displaying images in black
and white or in varying tones of only color.
11. Orbit: The curved path of a celestial object or spacecraft
around a star, planet, or moon, especially a periodic elliptical
12. Orthographic View: A camera view that shows one side of
an object or scene (front, side, top, back, and so on) so it
appears projected on a plane without the effect of
13. Perspective View: An approximate representation, on a
flat surface (such as paper), of an image as it is seen by the
14. Plans: A detailed proposal for doing or achieving
15. Scale: A system of ordered marks at fixed intervals used
as a reference standard in measurement.