Press release

FSI FontShop® International releases new FontFonts®
BERLIN, GERMANY, November 2009 – FSI FontShop International announced the latest additions to its
award-winning FontFont® typeface library.
New FontFonts
FF Mach™
The very first sketches of FF Mach were drawn in 2004 when a colleague who planned a new Polish
magazine about culture and arts asked Lukasz Dziedzic for a logo – there was neither time nor money, so
he did it quickly and for free. The logo was met with approval and Lukasz was asked for some sample
covers and a few days later for the whole layout – again immediately and free of charge. Lukasz agreed
with mixed feelings, thinking this might be a chance to use some of his fonts and even make a new one
based on the logo and title graphics. The new font worked well but unfortunately, after the magazine failed
three months later, it was never used again until Lukasz decided in 2008 to redraw all the glyphs in order
to remove the traces of that speedy work, and in the end he designed a complete new type family with six
weights and three widths.
FF Masala™
Masala is as unctuous as a curry sauce with a hint of chili to add zest. The initial idea for Masala was to
offer a casual Sans matching FF Tartine Script. After rethinking and refining, Masala became a truly
casual type system with three Sans weights and their Italics plus three powerful Script versions with
swashes, right for logos and packaging as well as comics or children’s book covers.
FF DIN® Condensed Italic™
The FF DIN family has been completed by FF DIN Condensed Italic including Latin Extended and Cyrillic
Extended characters.
New FontFont OpenType Versions
The FF 50 Release also contains some more OT versions of existing FontFonts: Celeste Pro (with Latin
Extd, Greek and Cyrillic), Celeste Sans and Small Text (Latin Extd), Folk OT, Prater OT, Providence Pro
(with Latin Extd and Greek), Providence Sans Pro (Latin Extd).
New OT TTF Office versions
Besides the CFF (PostScript-flavoured) OpenType FontFonts we are now offering TTF (TrueTypeflavoured) OpenType fonts for all those customers who are working with non-OT-savvy applications and
therefore can't use the OT layout features such as alternative figures, and Small Caps. Our new
OpenType TTF Office fonts are based on Unicode and contained within a single .ttf file. The fonts are
style-linked, i. e. grouped together under a single item in the font menu. The default figure set is Tabular
Figures (TF); Small Caps with Oldstyle Figures (OSF) are separate fonts.
The language support corresponds to the OpenType CFF fonts: Our Office Standard fonts have at least
the character sets for 40 Western languages such as English, French, Spanish. Office Pro fonts have at
least the character sets for Western languages such as English, French, Spanish and many other Latinbased languages (Czech, Turkish, Latvian). Many Office Pro fonts also contain Greek and/or Cyrillic.
The style-linking, in great demand by Office users, makes it necessary to bundle the respective fonts as
they are not properly usable as single fonts. Therefore, our new Office fonts come in style-linked Sets and
Singles where appropriate. A Basic Set always consists of Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. All
the other weights are bundled with their respective Italic companion or, if there is no Italic, are available as
Single font. The same rules apply to Small Caps. You can also buy the complete families.
About FontFont
Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody launched the FontFont brand in 1990 with the goal of producing
innovative digital typefaces by designers for designers. FontFonts represent the work of 150 designers
worldwide, with over 6,000 contemporary fonts in the collection. The FontFont library features some of the
most popular typefaces in use today, including FF Meta®, FF DIN®, FF Scala®, FF Eureka® Sans, FF
Kievit®, FF Dax®, and FF Fago™.
FontFont and FontFont typeface names are trademarks of FSI FontShop International. Other trademarks
mentioned for informational purposes are the property of their respective owners.