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Additional quotes about OMA from the book Innovate the Pixar Way: Business Lessons
From the World’s Most Creative Corporate Playground include:
“OMA had better be ready to grow, because in a few years, this will be the standard by which all
other programs will be judged, and it will be a model for the entire country.” –Steve Seidel,
Director of Harvard University Project Zero.
“Pixar University and the Tucson Unified School District’s OMA program are both catalysts that
encourage educational change in their respective worlds of corporate America and the U.S.
public education system. Seemingly worlds apart, they share a long-term commitment to a
learning process that encourages collaborative creativity. They both have “champions” of their
respective learning models and, in their own unique ways, make art a team sport.”-Author Bill
“If you set out to develop a plan for creating a learning environment for children to prepare them
for working in an environment such as Pixar, you’d surely be benchmarking the OMA project in
Tucson, Arizona. In less than a decade, what began as one man’s dream of integrating the
arts into the entire learning experience within a single school district is now cutting edge of a
new paradigm in public education.”Author Bill Capodagli
“Our district is taking on the amazing challenge of moving OMA to the next level...designing the
learning that will meet the future needs of our ‘digital native’ students. And, who knows, they
may also be preparing the future generations of Pixarians!” –Dr. Elizabeth Celania-Fagen,
Superintendent Tucson Unified School District.
Facts About Author Bill Capodagli:
With nearly three decades of management consulting and corporate research expertise, Bill
Capodagli (pronounced Cap-o-die) co-authored one of Fortune magazine's "Best Business
In Bill Capodagli's latest book and keynote, Innovate the Pixar Way, he takes the audience
behind the scenes to witness how Pixar creates stories that live – in the words of Buzz Lightyear
– “for infinity and beyond.” It’s all about creating a culture where imagination and collaboration
are cherished and rewarded. Bill shares how Pixar can inspire any business to ‘toon’ in to what
makes its employees great.
For over ten years, Capodagli Jackson Consulting has assisted organizations to incorporate
The Disney Way model into their strategic initiatives. Prior to founding his company, Bill held
managerial positions at the consulting firms of AT Kearney, Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst and
Young) and Coopers & Lybrand. Bill is increasingly sought after as an international keynote
speaker, and is the most requested speaker in the U.S. on Walt Disney's original success