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“The show delivers where it counts, which is to say, the hits keep coming.”
-Los Angeles Times
“If you see only one tribute show, see this one….smart and loads of fun.”
-Orange County Register
‘If you love the Beatles, then this is the ticket for you.”
Idaho Statesman
Ticket to Ride is an award winning, smash hit musical biography of the
Beatles as seen through the eyes of manager Brian Epstein and featuring
Beatle tribute band “Abbey Road.” In April, 2009, the multi-media
production’s World Premiere opened to packed houses and critical acclaim.
The three week run in Orange County, California commanded 92% theatre
occupancy and rave reviews from the Los Angeles Times, Orange County
Register, Backstage West, the San Gabriel Valley News, Pasadena Star and
the Whittier Daily News. The show earned a prestigious Roar of the Crowd
award, which means it was the highest rated production by audiences in
Southern California for the week of April 26, 2009. The show was rated
higher than “Ain’t Misbehavin” at the Ahmanson Theatre, “Dirty Dancing”
at the Pantages Theatre and the national tour of “Hairspray.” The family
friendly musical is widely believed by the industry to be the best Beatle
show in the world.
More than a basic Beatles tribute concert, Ticket to Ride takes the audience
back to the pivotal moments and locales of the Beatles career. Beginning at
the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool where they meet their manager,
Brian Epstein, the audience continues their journey to venues that include
the Ed Sullivan Show, Shea Stadium’s 50,000 + screaming fans, the Abbey
Road recording studios and their final live performance on the rooftop of
their Apple Corp office building. The character of Brian Epstein serves as
narrator throughout the show.
The band’s custom-tailored costumes, vintage instruments, Liverpudlian
dialect and precise attention to every detail recreate the magic, music, wit
and wisdom of the total Beatle phenomenon. The four musician/actors, who
were cast from over 300 applicants, capture the unique personality,
physicality and charm of the Beatle they portray, including the Fab Four’s
familiar head bobs, toe taps and patter between songs. The musicians thrill
audiences with tight harmonies and flawless note for note instrumental
renditions of Beatle hits.
With a script written by Beatlemania original cast member P.M. Howard, the
show takes the audience back to January 1964, when Americans saw the
Beatles for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show, playing I Wanna Hold
Your Hand. Progressing through their various musical stages, the audience
re-experiences the psychedelic era of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club
Band, the creation of the haunting Yesterday and the raucous rock and roll of
“The show delivers where it counts, which is to say, the hits keep coming.”
-Los Angeles Times
“If you see only one tribute show, see this one….smart and loads of fun.”
-Orange County Register
‘If you love the Beatles, then this is the ticket for you.”
– Idaho Statesman
“This is the best tribute of any band I have seen so far, especially since it
was more than just a tribute band covering songs.”
- El Paiso
“Ticket to Ride has moments of great hilarity, as well as touching
pathos…you can’t miss this show.”
- La Habra Journal
“…a fusion of theatre and rock that works in a big way.”
- San Gabriel Valley News
“Superlative….you’ll jump to your feet and ‘Twist and Shout’”
- The Downey Patriot
“A must for both young and old.”
-The Daily Titan
“The show sold better than any other production in the theatre’s 32 year
history…Ticket to Ride is wonderfully produced and sold tickets like crazy.”
- Robert Destefano
Board member, La Habra Depot Theatre
Music Type: Beatles, Rock, Classic Rock
Show: up to 2.0 hour play/set with costume changes and multi-media
presentation accompanying show
Optional lighting/sound: We can provide front of house sound system with
stage lighting a full A/V system (50" plasma screens and/or large 9' x 12' video
screens) with live camera feed for a true multimedia experience
Cast of: 4 permanent band members and 1 actor
Show Crew: 3
Merchandise: Yes, negotiated split with venue.
We employ an in-house publicist who will assist with your publicity, including
press releases to local newspapers, radio and television interviews, targeted
online marketing, direct marketing and downloadable flyers and posters.
Sound requirements, lighting suggestion and a stage plot provided in this website
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Copyright P.M. Howard 2009. Licensed to La Jolla Booking Agency.
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