Project Management

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QUIZ 8. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Project Delivery Methods
Due: Mar 30, 2010 Student Name: ______________________________________
(Only use this sheet of paper)
1. Name the 7 Project Delivery Types and options we reviewed in class:
2. Name the project delivery methods represented in the diagram bellow:
3. CM-c is also called?: ________________________________________________________________
4. Which type of design-build deliver method is used if the owner hires first an architect to prepare
preliminary design for the schematic and design development phase and then hires a design-build team that
offers both construction documents and construction capabilities?
5. Briefly describe what is the difference between CM-Advisor and CM-Agent?
6. Briefly describe which one used to be the predominant delivery method 20 years ago, which one is the
fastest growing project delivery method today, and why do you think this has changed?