Igneous Rocks

Observe the pictures on the board. Below, list as many similarities as you can about the pictures.
I. Classifying Rocks
Observe the rock on your desk. Below, list an many descriptions of the rock as you can.
When classifying rocks, what 3 characteristics of rocks do geologists study?
1. ______________________________________ (what the rock is made of)
2. ______________________
3. ______________________
II. 90% of Earth’s crust is made of Igneous Rocks. Why?
___________________________- comes from the Latin word for “fire”
Origin- born from the cooling and hardening of ______________ & ______________
III. Composition & Texture
The _________________ of igneous rock that forms depends on what it is made
of and how __________________ it cools.
Slow cooling ________________/__________________ = coarse,rough texture
Fast cooling magma/lava = _________________________, texture
IV. Igneous Rock Formations
____________________ Rock- magma that has cooled _________________ Earth’s surface.
Volcanic necks, plutons, batholiths
V. Igneous Rock Formations
___________________ Rock- forms from the cooling of ___________ on Earth’s surface
Why are these rocks important?
This is a major process responsible for ___________________ new crust.
Assignment: Acrostic Poem
• Your assignment for tonight is to create an acrostic poem for the word igneous. Here is an example
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