Persuasive Speech Essay!

Maddie Nance
K. Mount
English 9
6 March 2016
Persuasive Speech – Exotic Animals as Pets
Good afternoon, classmates and Mrs. Mount! In the past 20 years, almost 2,000
incidents involving exotic pets have occurred (Born Free USA). Exotic animals that are
born in the wild are meant to stay in the wild. Over the years, more and more people
think it is a good idea to keep an exotic animal as a pet. However, this is a horrible
decision. The animals can feel abandoned, develop health issues, and even spread deadly
diseases to humans. Exotic animals are unpredictable and could attack their owner or any
other person near it. These animals are meant to be in the wild to get the right food, get
their food how they are born to get it, and get the amount of exercise that is needed.
Exotic animals are abused every day all over the world by not getting the care they need.
Not only are the animals being abused, but so are the people around them. Exotic animals
should not be allowed to be kept as pets due to the severity of the countless issues they
can cause.
Wild animals are meant to be wild! When humans try to take care of these exotic
animals, the animals can’t get the care they need. People think that getting a cute, baby
animal is a good idea, in reality they grow up to be big, strong, dangerous creatures. The
amount of energy exotic animals need to burn off in one day is off the charts. Being in a
cage or on a leash doesn’t cut it. If they can’t even get half the exercise needed, many
problems can begin. The animals begin to feel stressed, their behavior changes, and they
can experience malnutrition (ASPCA). People try protecting themselves by removing the
claws or teeth off the animals. However, this causes pain and sometimes even anxiety in
these poor animals. Just like humans are born to love, exotic animals are born to hunt and
survive on their own. They don’t need humans containing them and trying to care for
them. The animals don’t get the food they would be getting in the wild and they don’t
have the chance to hunt and fight for the food, like they should. Illness is another major
concern. Living in a limited amount of space can cause the animals to become sick, they
can even get the people around them sick. As you can see, trying to keep an exotic animal
as a pet can harm the animal in many ways.
Not only can the animals be harmed, but so can the people trying to keep them as
pets. Imagine the excitement you experience when you get a new pet; now imagine
becoming deadly ill, injured or dying from what you thought was a cute little animal.
Wildlife Conservation Society, USA stated, “The global trade in wildlife provides disease
transmission mechanisms that not only cause human disease outbreaks but also threaten
livestock, international trade, rural livelihoods, native wildlife populations, and the health
of ecosystems.” The Captive Animals’ Protection Society has done an amazing amount of
research on the illnesses humans are receiving from exotic animals. Avian Diseases are
very common among exotic animals. Avian diseases, diseases caused by birds, have
caused over 250 deaths in a four-year period. When you think of getting Salmonella, you
think about getting it from undercooked food. However, exotic animals are known to
carry this disease as well. Salmonella causes severe illness and sometimes death. “11% of
cases are found in younger people; and there are about 74,000 cases a year” (The Captive
Animals’ Protection Society). Another rare disease that can be caught due to exotic
animals is Monkeypox. Monkeypox causes rashes, fevers, and sometimes death. The sad
part is there is no cure or even treatment you can use if you become sick with it. Rabies
and herpes B are also common illnesses that can be spread from animal to human. There
are at least 20 other illnesses that are common to be spread from these exotic animals to
Exotic animals are not ideal pets. They cannot live in captivity without getting or
spreading illness, having health issues, or getting a very limited amount of physical
activity. When you think of pets, you should think of a companion that is sweet and
loving. You wouldn’t imagine going to pet your animal and getting brutally attacked.
When you keep exotic animals as pets; getting attacked, ill, or possibly killed is very
likely. Exotic animals should not be allowed to be kept as pets in the United States, or
anywhere in the world. The number of reported illnesses and injuries are too high – and
the death tallies are even higher.