Jan. 19 - Brookhaven College

Brookhaven College QEP Committee Meeting
January 19, 2012
Haven Abedin, Michael Dennehy, John Flores, Ahad Hayaud-Din, Beverly Neu
Menassa, Bernadette Rodriguez, John Williams.
Future meetings
a. The attending members identified several dates that were mutually
convenient for the next two meetings: Monday, January 30 2-3:30 p.m.
and Monday, February 13 at 2-3:30 p.m.
Slogan Contest Planning (first three weeks of February)
a. The PI department has created a call for submissions.
b. Facebook, posters, and employee efforts will be utilized to promote the
slogan contest on-campus and online.
c. Ahad will also prepare a jib-jab flash video using existing photos from
previous promotional effort (wild west theme).
d. IE office will prepare a Qualtrics survey to accept entries, Michael
indicated all we need to do is finalize the text and send it over.
e. A concern was raised about the awarding of a cash prize.
f. Ahad will follow up with George Herring about logistics (1st place $200
prize, 5 prizes of $20 awarded to random participants).
Follow up – all prizes will be in the form a BHC Bookstore gift card to
comply with financial policies.
New Questions for CCSSE (Community College Student Survey of
a. Michael reported that the embedded questions for the CCSSE must be
approved by the UT-IRB in advance of the Spring term.
b. Embedded questions will now be deployed in the Neoll-Levitz survey.
c. The same questions could possibly be delivered in a customized survey at
Role of QEP Director
a. Much of the discussion focused on the profile and experience of the
desired candidate, should it be a faculty member or an institutional
researcher? The group agreed a content expert in the field of reading
(faculty) would be ideal and liked the idea of the full-time position of QEP
director could transition into a developmental reading faculty position.
a. As we prepare for the first faculty learning circle, the question was who
will prepare the cohort?
b. The committee decided to hire an expert who will bring authority in the
subject area and that information will then be transferred from one group
to the next via champions.
Objective One: Improved reading skills
a. The committee reviewed samples of the Gates-MacGinitie test and
recommended adoption of the tool for assessing objective 1 of the QEP.
b. The test will be delivered strategically at various points within the
curriculum. Michael will meet with Ahad and Haven to discuss which
samples of students will be assessed with the test.
c. Accuplacer reading scores will also be used to establish a baseline, a norm
table will be developed in the IE office.
d. Existing course assessments (e.g., History 1301, History 1302, Psychology
2301, government and sophomore literature courses) will not be used.
e. Faculty learning group participants will also complete surveys regarding
helpfulness of strategies
Objective Two: Improved engagement related to reading
a. Surveys related to campus events
b. Added questions to Noel-Levitz and new institutional survey