1 - University of Birmingham

1.0 Our University
1.2.4 Per ardua ad alta
Show our crest and motto
Per ardua ad alta – our motto
Birmingham’s civic motto is: ‘Forward’. The University of Birmingham’s
motto is: ‘per ardua ad alta’, which means ‘through hard work, great
things are achieved’. These sentiments sum up the spirit of Birmingham
and illustrate the attitude of the people who have shaped both the city
and the University.
Need to include examples of what can be achieved by hard work
Can we link to alumni profiles and research work rather than create something
new here?
Inset box
Truth, wisdom and learning
The stained glass windows in our Great Hall bear three mottos –
1. Vincit Omnia Veritas –Truth conquers all
2. Sapere Aude – Dare to be wise, and
3. Docendo Discimus – We learn by teaching
Inset box
Per ardua high flyers
Per ardua, meaning ‘through adversity’, is the motto of the specialist British
RAF Regiment formed in 1942
Per ardua ad astra, meaning ‘through hardships to the stars’, is the motto
of the air forces of many countries, including the UK RAF
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