IB 11 Chronicle Interactive Oral

IB 11 Chronicle Interactive Oral
Research and student-led discussion preparation
This week, you will work in teams to research cultural influences on the
work, Chronicle of a Death Foretold. In your teams, you will research to
address one of the five questions presented to you before we read the book.
Next week, groups will present to the class their findings and lead a
discussion on the novel that relates to these findings. At the end of each
discussion, every student will write a reflective statement that shows what
s/he learned from that discussion.
Discussions should last for 30-40 minutes and each group member must
contribute equally to the discussion (preparation and facilitation.) Class
members will also be assessed daily for their participation in discussions.
Group members’ research & discussion grades will be individually assessed on
the following:
1. Presentation skills (eye contact, voice, engagement with the audience)
2. Quality and quantity of comments (evidence of preparation and ability
to monitor/ appropriately contribute to the discussion)
3. Use of quotations and text-based references from the novel to
illustrate the findings in the research.
4. Research preparation (valid and reliable information is found and used
to frame the discussion.)
5. MLA Works Cited page (submitted on the day of the presentation.)
All groups will be scheduled in advance. If you are absent on the day that
your group presents, you will not earn credit for the presentation. There are
no make-ups for presentations. Additionally, all research and preparation
work is due on the date of the presentation.